Water is life essay

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water is life essay

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In general there are two primary types. The first is an academic report or essay used to paint a picture of a historical figure or person of some importance to the writer. This sort of paper is usually structured somewhat rigidly, often with fixed introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs. Colleges, universities, and certain grants associated with higher education also sometimes ask for biographical essays as part of their application materials, and these sorts of compositions are usually a lot different in that schools are usually asking applicants to write about themselves. Furthermore, rather than trying to present a complete composite of their lives to date, most writers in these contexts focus on certain defining moments and experiences. The structure is often looser and less academic. Core components, both types of essay have a few things in common. Theyre both focused on a specific person, for instance, and can and often do weave in details that define that persons context.

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When the your project didnt meet its targets, a second phase was launched in 2004 at a cost of Rs 648 crore. Phase iii of the yap was launched in December 2013 to fix damaged sewers and modernise waste treatment facilities in the areas of Okhla, kondli and Rithala. But despite such efforts, massive amounts of waste continue to be dumped into the yamuna every day. Solanki gives us glimpses of the relationship between the river and the people living along its banks. He was inspired to embark upon this project when he saw people queuing patiently for potable water at Sarai kale Khan, an urban village in south Delhi. They were barely 300 metres away from the river, but were forced to rely on a hand-pump, he said. Solanki roamed along the yamuna for six days every week over eight months, holding long conversations with the people he met and shooting about 15,000 photographs on a borrowed camera (Solanki still does not own one of his own). His patient engagement shows in these photographs, some of which recall the stunning clarity of the celebrated images of Raghu rai. Surender Solanki is a recent graduate of creative photography from the Sri aurobindo centre for the Arts and Communication, delhi. The featured photo series is part of a long-term project to document the yamuna river in Delhi. A biographical essay is a written composition describing the life and times of a particular individual.

Some of that greenery still exists, and front vendors on the bridge still sell seasonal flowers from the nurseries, but according to solanki, the yamuna is not what it once was. Solanki began documenting the river in April 2013, when he was a student of creative photography at the Sri aurobindo center for Arts and Communications in south Delhi. The son of a scrap dealer, he first developed an interest in photography when, at the age of 13, he was handed a second-hand 35mm point-and-shoot camera to take pictures at an uncles wedding. Before he began this project, solanki made it a point to read the nadistuti sukta (hymn in praise of rivers) of the rig Veda, which was the oldest text about the yamuna that he could find. It spoke of a flourishing human settlement that resided peacefully on the river bank, but I suppose all that has faded away now, he said. The yamuna, which originates 375 kilometres north of the capital at the yamunotri Glacier in Uttarakhand, is relatively unpolluted until it enters the national capital. According to a 2009 report by the delhi-based Centre for Science and Environment, 80 percent of all the pollution in the river is dumped into it along only two percent of its total length—the 22-kilometre segment between the wazirabad Barrage in the north of Delhi. In response to similar earlier reports, some dating back to the 1950s, the central government initiated the first phase of the yamuna Action Plan (YAP) in 1993, earmarking Rs 705 crore to clean up the river.

water is life essay

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As one can see, the challenges of space travel are rather different from terrestrial dangers. Here is another example of a concluding paragraph: As mentioned above, the earth's natural environment has often presented dangers really to explorers. Dangerous animals, vast oceans, and violent weather have presented risks to humans. However, great the new frontier of outer space, with its vacuum, meteors, and lack of water, presents unique challenges to people who desire to explore. Our team offers professional writing assistance to students across the globe. From high-school essays to PhD dissertations, we ensure that every paper you need is done to the highest standards of academia. Ahild in the early 2000s, surender Solanki used to travel from his home in a slum in west Delhi to visit his relatives in the citys east, crossing over the yamuna river by bus. He remembers seeing flower nurseries and lots of vegetation under the ito bridge along vikas Marg, one of the main motorways spanning the river.

In particular, on the Written portion of the toefl, which lasts 30 minutes, there may not be enough time for you to include a formal concluding paragraph. However, here is an example of a concluding paragraph for you. Notice how it summarizes the main points of the preceding body paragraphs: look at the following paragraph, which is similar to the paragraph that we have studied above. Does it have perfect unity? Try to find the sentence that is off-topic: There are other difficulties involved with space exploration, but these are three of the most important ones. In summary, without adequate air pressure, the unprotected human body may be seriously harmed in a vacuum. In addition, meteors can threaten human life and damage spacecraft. Finally, the lack of water in space means that human life may have a difficult time surviving on other planets.

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water is life essay

Water is life essay

It is true that the chance of metor impacts is relatively small, but if even a small micrometeor happens to collide with a spacecraft, it could cause serious damage. A third special challenge involved with the environment of space involves the fact that it is very difficult to find life-sustaining water off the earth. For example, the planet Mercury, review which is closest to the sun, is too hot to have water, so space travelers must take water from Earth if they want to visit Mercury. A similar situation exists on the planet Venus, second from the sun. This planet is likewise too hot for water to exist. Similarly, the fourth planet, mars, is too cold and dry, although there may be some water frozen at the north and south poles of the planet.

(Note that usually we do not put extra spaces between individual paragraphs, as has been done above. The spaces between the paragraphs above are only for study purposes.). Recall that the main thesis statement of this essay said, similarly, the ocean of outer space has many dangers, but it also has several unique challenges for explorers. You can see how the body of the essay is organized according to the challenges that are mentioned in the main thesis. The first body paragraph discusses the dangers of space vacuum, the second body paragraph gives information about meteors, and the third paragraph mentions the fact that water is very difficult to find on other planets. The conclusion The concluding paragraph does not always appear in an bags academic essay.

The body, the body portion of the essay is the largest portion. Typically, it has three paragraphs, but it might have two paragraphs and of course it can have many more than three. Each of these paragraphs usually has a topic sentence and several supporting sentences, just like the basic paragraph we have studied. Here is an example of three body paragraphs (which together continue the essay that we have started studying above one of the challenges that is unique to space is the fact that space is a vacuum, which is a risk for various reasons. First, in a vacuum there is no atmosphere and therefore no air pressure.

Without air pressure, the human body has no oxygen to sustain itself. After too many minutes without oxygen, a person would lose consciousness and eventually die. Also, in a vacuum a person's blood will gradually begin to boil. Finally, without an atmosphere, the rays of the sun can cause radiation poisoning. Another difficulty that is unique to outer space is the presence of meteors and micrometeors. These are pieces of rock and metal that are left over from the formation of the solar system. Many of these objects travel at very high speeds. Under the earth's blanket of air, people are usually protected from metor impacts. However, in space, people and spaceships are vulnerable to collisions with meteors.

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The next two sentences give some supporting examples of this intital sentence. However, the third sentence of the paragraph gives an example that contrasts in some way with the previous two sentences. Then, the final sentence does something new: It introduces a specific example of the general topic. This specific topic is the main thesis of the entire essay; that is, the rest of the essay will focus on this specific topic, which in this case is several unique writing challenges for explorers. This main thesis functions like the topic sentence of the basic paragraph, which we have studied in Lessons 1 and 2. It is the most important sentence of the essay. Notice how the main thesis is worded. It includes the phrase, several unique challlenges. This raises a question in the reader's mind, namely: "What are these challenges?" The reader will find out what some of the challenges are in the body of the essay, which we will study next.

water is life essay

Like the basic paragraph, the introductory paragraph opens with a very general statement about the topic, and is often wealth followed by some supporting examples, but the paragraph then finishes with a narrow statement about the topic. This narrow statement is called the main thesis. Here is a short example of an introductory paragraph: Throughout human history, the physical universe has often presented dangers to explorers. For example, when primitive humans left their tribal villages to search for food and water, they risked death or injury from dangerous animals. Later, when people sailed the oceans in search of new lands for settlement or trade, many died in terrible storms. Similarly, the ocean of outer space has many dangers, but it also has several unique challenges for explorers. Notice how the first sentence, throughout human history, nature has often presented dangers to explorers, is a very general statment about the topic, which is dangers in exploration.

is very important for academic success. Generally, academic essays have a similar format.   They are at least five paragraphs long, although often they are much longer.  Also, the basic structure of each of these paragraphs is the same as that which we have already studied.  In addition, the paragraphs in the. Academic essay can be divided into three basic kinds: (1) the introductory paragraph, (2) the body paragraphs, and (3) the concluding paragraph. The Introduction, the first paragraph of the academic essay is the one that is usually the most different from the basic paragraph that we have studied. In Lessons 1 and 2, we saw that a basic paragraph had a topic sentence as its first sentence, followed by supporting sentences with supporting details, and these (sometimes) followed by a concluding sentence. In the multi-paragraph academic essay, however, the structure is a little different.

Tenure served : October 2007 to April 2011. Tax, formed opinion on areas covering Income tax Act. done Income tax return filing for business Individuals, Firms and Companies. Statutory audit, involved in Companies audit. Undertaken consolidation of accounts. done finalisation of Accounts and Balance Sheet. Internal Audit, involved in Process Mapping. Toefl sic Essay structure, on the Written portion of the toefl e asked to write an essay that is more than one paragraph long. The reason for this is that.

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water is life essay
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Why is so much of our city so divorced from the river that gave it life? Ferrare Critical Lens Essay if the literature we are reading does not wake us, why then do we read it?

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