My religion islam essay

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my religion islam essay

My, religion, is, islam

It lost its revolutionary thrust and did not challenge the personal tyrannical rule and various dynastic rulers captured power. However, it is not our intention here to throw light on Muslim history but on roys views of Islam. Ys book was first published in 1939. Roy was from a brahmin family from West Bengal. He began to take part in underground revolutionary activity at the age. His revolutionary zeal took him to various countries in search of arms from java to japan to China to san Francisco to mexico.

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However, he was highly appreciative of democratic and egalitarian character of Islam and Islamic teachings. Before we throw light on roys views about Islam we would like to assert that any modern thinkers, literateurs and writers have greatly appreciated democratic and egalitarian character of Islam but have regretted at the same time that Muslims did not remain true to Islamic. Islam, besides other things greatly stressed the importance of justice. Justice forms one of the core teachings of Islam. It lays great emphasis on all forms of justice, social, economic as well as gender justice. However, Islamic society, which ought to have been an exemplary just society soon degenerated into tyrannical hierarchical society. Women lost their Quranic rights and common Muslims their social and political rights. Feudalism and feudal values overwhelmed Islamic values and Islamic revolution was undone within three decades of its inception. Imam Husain, the grandson of the Prophet made a lastly attempt to restore Islamic values through his martyrdom but his was the last protest. Husains martyrdom did inspire subsequent generation of Muslims but the protest was defused and deactivated by giving it a harmless form of mourning.

Neither orthodox Islam nor Western lgbtq discourse alone had given me answers. It was only when I wove them together, created a new meaning for myself out of my unique experiences, that I found the place i needed. Im queer, i wrote, and and my heart found peace. An hour and a thousand-word blog essay later, i settled back into bed and immediately fell asleep. Sometimes Allah answers the prayer of night in the most surprising of ways. Roy was greatly attracted towards Marxism though later on he renounced his Marxist views and became a secularist and rationalist. He was critical of traditional religion and wanted a secular state to remain away from religious ideologies and religious institutions to maintain its secular character.

my religion islam essay

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That I'm not "normal". I need a word to describe how excluded from I feel by muslim orthodoxy, to express the frustrating impossibilities of my life, the marginalization, the alienation, the silence. I need an alternative to the harshness of nushuz. Whether or not Id ever face physical hitting, that word pummels. When resume the tradition makes no space for you, you have to create your own. Queer that night offered me a new way to think about myself, a new way to help others understand. My emotions beat down by the refrain of recalcitrance, disobedience, and punishment, i found comfort in a word from a different tradition.

No matter how many times Id grappled with those questions, Id never come to a definitive answer. Perhaps there is no way to answer in a western context whether asexuality is queer. Perhaps the words meaning is too tied to a specific history. But in an Islamic context? My sexual orientation cuts me off from how my community and the traditional authorities of my religion expect me to experience and express my sexuality. Within marriage, it would lead me to act in a way those authorities consider deviant. I've had to search for alternative interpretations and obscure texts to justify my choice to go away from marriage, to defend the validity of lifelong celibacy. I've kept silent for 15 years about why i've chosen this path, because explaining it means telling people my sexuality is not the way they believe allah created everybody.

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my religion islam essay

Islam to Africa major Tests

What pulled at my mind that quiet spring night was different. What does it mean that my religion, as traditionally constructed, sees me as innately disobedient, as led by my created nature phrases to act in a way it has set as haram? My mind still swirled as I finished my prayer and crawled into bed. A sleepless hour later, i sat down in front of my computer and typed out, Im queer. A word with a long and sometimes painful history. At various times its been used as a slur against gay men and lesbians, especially the former; its been contrasted with gay as the more radical or political identity; and its been used in sometimes abstruse academic discourse to talk about subverting dominant paradigms.

Many lgbtq people today use it to refer to anybody whose sexuality or gender is non-normative, or as an umbrella term for lgbtq communities. It can be used as a non-label label (Im not straight but I dont fit into any of the existing identity boxes). In some lgbtq spaces theres a debate about whether asexual people can or should use queer as a label. Is queerness associated with same-sex attraction? With experiencing certain types of prejudice or oppression? If queerness is defined narrowly so as to exclude asexual people, but were not straight, where do we fit?

But that night my thoughts were darker. Id been reading commentary. The verse reads in part: And those wives who, you fear their recalcitrance, so admonish them and separate from them in bed, and hit them. The quran doesnt explain exactly what recalcitrance ( nushuz in Arabic) is, but most traditional scholars agree that sex is a mans right in marriage and for a wife to withhold that from him is the most fundamental form of recalcitrance. Sex is not something I will ever want. I have no interest in it and the very thought leaves me cold.

Its not something I can compromise. Does Allah want me to be hit for that? For a way that i am innately? The Prophet never hit a woman and that, i believe, is what Allah really wants. For too many muslim men, however, it seems their nafs comes before this Sunna of the Prophet. Looking at how 4:34 is commonly understood today, id long since decided that what the verse really means is that marriage is not a possibility for. To protect my own integrity (and perhaps my safety i cant and wont put myself in that position. Those were old thoughts, though.

Islam to Africa major Tests

Prayer before bed is usually my quiet time. Standing alone in a darkened apartment hibernation as the rest of the world goes to sleep, i often find stillness of mind. A renewed connection with Allah after a busy day. Sometimes my mind is sticky, refusing to let go of a problem that frustrates. Or a minor comment from the morning looms large. Theyre wrong and this is why, i think. Other times my thoughts, though still distracting, are more productive. The solution to a puzzle presents itself. Words form a lovely turn outsiders of phrase for an essay.

my religion islam essay

Even Franklin Graham has stated, islam is not a peaceful religion as george. Bush told us and as President Barack Obama has said—that is just not true. Print this brochure for sharing: The Three stages of Jihad. Best resource: Answering Muslims. Copyright, all rights reserved, david. Note: This was originally published. These words filled my mind one night in March 2014 as I bowed then dropped to the floor to prostrate before homework Allah.

movie —dutch politician geert Wilders made this short film above about Islam and was put on trial for telling the truth. It seems the dutch government would rather prosecute one of its own citizens concerned about the islamisation of the netherlands than tell Muslims to integrate or leave. Washington Times: Decker: 5 questions with geert Wilders. Speech: geert Wilder at the western Conservative summit, denver, a speech at Berlijn (Engels abul Ala maududi, the influential 20th century pakistani Islamic thinker, wrote islam is not merely a religious creed but a revolutionary ideology and jihad refers to that revolutionary struggle to destroy. One thing is for sure.

If the pastors of America would educate themselves better on the realities of Islam, they may come to know how to be better shepherds. Below are some resources that dispute that Islam is a true religion. These timely resources have definitely shaped my thoughts about Islam the past few years. It is my honest opinion that Islam is an evil ideology with a facade of religious overtones. Attempting to integrate Islam into United States foundational roots will destroy our country. Islam will never accept our. Constitution resumes as our national rule of law. The following links lead to articles by rebecca bynum.

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Short essay by david. Gray, june 10, 2016. I could write my own extended essay on this topic, but why? There are plenty of resources available on the Internet. All anyone has to do is take the time ions to do the research with google. Knowledge is power, whether its the knowledge of Gods word or the koran, one must be prepared with the truth, and be ready to defend the truth. Being absorbed in our own personal environment and remaining ignorant to the war that is coming, may result in a willful, early, senseless, slow, excruciating, death. But, we still have time to change this course if the majority of Americans would get their heads out of the sand.

my religion islam essay
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memberplz check my essay and guide me for making it better for css levelDear seniors i am waiting ur kind and friendly commenets. mean that my religion, as traditionally constructed, sees me as innately disobedient, as led by my created nature to act in a way.

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