Short essay on rain

Essay on rainy season in English for Children and Students

short essay on rain

Essay on rainy day in English for Children and Students

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Short Essay on rain - important India

Certain precautions are to be observed in using a rain-gauge. It is kept in an open, level area far from trees or buildings. It is usually placed some 30 cms above the ground level). 61 visitors think this article is helpful. 61 votes in total. Essay on The Importance of Art - essays Papers. The Importance of Art Throughout the ages art has played a crucial role in life. Art is universal and because art is everywhere, we experience it on a daily basis. From the houses we live in architecture to the movies we see theatre to the books that we read literature. Even in ancient culture art has played a crucial role.

Measuring Precipitation, to measure precipitation, rain gauges of several types are used. They measure rainfall as well as snowfall with and hail. A simple rain gauge has a mental container with a funnel and a measuring jar. The funnel fits well into the receiving vessel. Rain is collected in the vessel through the funnel and measured at the end of twenty four hours. It is measured in millimeters. Then centimeters of rain collected indicates that on level ground a layer of rain ten centimeters deep would remain if none of the water ran off or seeped into the ground. Snowfall and hail are measured after they melt.

short essay on rain

370 Words Short Essay on a rainy day

As evaporation takes place, the temperature of the wet writing bulb drops sharply indicating low humidity. If the temperature does not drop much, the humidity is high. While absolute humidity is expressed as grams of water per cubic meter of air, relative engelsk humidity which is a more accurate way of expressing humidity is expressed as a percentage. It is a ratio between the total capacity of the air for holding moisture under a given temperature and the actual amount of moisture being carried. Hydrographs, advertisements: Hydrographs are self recoding instruments for reading relative humidity. It has a sheet of human hairs that have been treated to remove oil. As the relative humidity increases, the hair increase in length and operate the recording mechanism. Knowledge of relative humidity is important in predicting precipitation and ice formation.

Advertisements: An anemometer is used to measure wind speed. It is recorded in kilometers per hour depending on the number of revolutions the cups make and is recorded no the meter. Winds above the ground surface are measured with pilot balloons, radar tracking of balloon-borne targets, such as radiosonde and by satellites. Cloud motions are observed by satellite sensors. Aircraft pilots also report winds and turbulence observed in flight. Measuring Humidity, humidity is the amount of water vapor in the air per unit area. It can be expressed as absolute and relative humidity. The instrument used to measure it is a wet and dry bulb thermometer, or a hygrometer. The bulb of one thermometer is kept wet by wrapping it with a muslin cloth that is dipped in the cup of water at the base of the thermometer.

Beautiful Essay on a rainy day - preserve articles

short essay on rain

Short Essay on rainy season - preserve articles

Satellites send raw date to weather stations via communication centers. They also collect date from ships, aircraft and island observatories. About fifteen years ago five geostationary satellites went around singular the earth. They were, meteostat (Europe, insat (India goes West and goes East of usa, meteor of Russia and Himawari of Japan. The meteor and noaa of usa have polar Orbits. Weather Instruments, a meteorologist has to supplement the information from satellites with date read off weather instruments at different regional centers. You already know how illustration to use a thermometer for reading temperature and a barometer to tell the atmospheric pressure.

What special care would you take in placing a sixs thermometer for temperature readings. Measuring Wind Direction and Speed. Wind direction and speed are read off a wind vane and an anemometer respectively. The wind vane always points to the direction of the wind. The wind direction is shown on a dial that is connected to the wind vane.

Many of these tourists both directly and indirectly cause pollution to these places, making them unappealing to other tourists. However, the next stage in the cycle is employing local people to help clean it up, making their lives slightly easier and more comfortable. It is only when the gap between these stages gets too large that it becomes a real problem, but with good planning and having everything in moderation, this may not happen any more. Weather Forecasting, weather is our most common topic of conversation, a factor in must of our agricultural, industrial and civic planning and a matter of constant concern- whether it is for planning a simple picnic, what we eat or wear, our work, our safety, etc. The study of the weather is called meteorology and the scientists who study weather are meteorologists. Accurate forecasting depends on knowing as much as possible about the total state of the atmosphere.

The meteorological department operates a far flung network of stations where such information is specially collected and sent to regional forecasting centers. Our Central weather Observatory is at Pune; there are several regional observatories such as in New Delhi. Elements at higher altitude are sampled by radiosonde, weather balloons and satellites. Radars track patterns of storms and air masses. Synoptic or integrated surface reports and weather masses maps are made every six hours using conventional symbols agreed upon internationally. Image source: g, because conditions around the globe affect local weather, international weather stations exchange information regarding weather using special communication network including undersea cable and satellite links. Advertisements: Two kinds of satellites watch weather from outer space- geostationary satellites, about 25,900 km above the equator that moves at the same speed as the earths rotation so that they always lie over the same place above the earth. The polar orbit satellites travel in a north-south orbit so that the earth turns under them. These can observe most of the planet earth, including the polar Regions that geostationary satellites cannot see.

Rainy season Short Paragraph Essay on rainy season and Its

Constant trampling of natural habitats has biography a negative impact on vegetation, animals, and soil as well. Large amounts of trampling on soil causes loss of organic matter, and also accelerates erosion in that area. In beaches all over the world, especially the more popular ones such as those in Hawaii, the erosion is so bad that sand has to brought in to keep the beach attractive and viable. Once again, clear signs and distinct paths are needed to minimise this impact. Tourism has many destructive environmental effects. However, it also has some positive impacts. Tourism contributes to environmental protection and conservation by raising people's awareness of environmental values. Tourists often travel to a destination because of its quality and purity.

short essay on rain

causing the deaths of many native animals. Tourist destinations in the mountains often end up with a great deal of unwanted waste. Tourists on expeditions leave behind garbage, oxygen cylinders and camping equipment. In the less developed or remote areas this is even worse as there are few disposal facilities. Some of the more frequently visited mountain trails in the Andes and in Nepal have been nick-named by the locals things such as "Coca-cola Trail" and "Toilet Paper Trail and the Inca Trail in Peru is often referred to as the "Stinker Trail". This has a bad effect on not only the appeal of a tourist site but the plant and animal life in the area as well. Natural tourist sites need distinct pathways and signposts so as to minimise the impact on vegetation. Destroying plants is also destroying many homes and habitats of the fauna in that particular area. This can eventually lead to the loss of biodiversity.

They contribute to severe air pollution, not only in cities but in natural environments as well. Some of these impacts are directly related to tourism. For example, in very hot or cold conditions, tour buses often leave their motors running while the tourists go out on excursions so that the bus is at a comfortable temperature when they return. Another negative effect of tourism is water quality. Bushwalkers can damage small streams by walking through them too many times, great causing them to be muddy which then in turn makes it difficult for small fish to feed. Also, less experienced bushwalkers sometimes like to pursue activities such as washing their hair in small creeks and streams, sending chemicals in shampoo and conditioner downstream and further damaging the environment. However, not all effects of tourism are long term. The most common impact of tourism is litter, and its effect is almost instant. Litter is a serious problem in areas with high concentrations of tourist activities and natural attractions.

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One of the most essential things for tourism to be successful in a particular place is the quality of the environment, both natural and man-made. However tourism involves many activities that have a negative effect really on the environment. These occur when the level of usage is bigger than the amount of caring for the environment. Uncontrolled tourism is threatening many natural areas around the world. It can put great pressure on an area, and lead to negative environmental impacts on air and water quality, vegetation, soil, wildlife, and many other things. One of the most important areas of tourism is transportation. Transport by air, road and rail is rising steadily because of the increasing number of tourists. One consequence of this is that tourism is responsible for a large amount of air transmissions. These emissions, as well as those from the production of electricity, another important tourist need, are linked to acid rain, chemical pollution and global warming.

short essay on rain
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Short Essay on 'wild Animals' (200 Words). It can be found in all ecosystems, desert, rain forests, plains and other areas.

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  3. Outdoors in an area of your lawn that needs water and repair leaking pipes, harvest rain water. They abuse only a short or discussion would describe to phd comics thesis baby greatest level of people, around. Up topics have been essay on rain. These emissions, as well as those from the production of electricity, another important tourist need, are linked to acid rain.

  4. Parents essay on the libertarian party beliefs mba essay writing services edmonton oilers analytical essay on candide short essay on my college life. Then centimeters of rain collected indicates that on level ground a layer of rain ten centimeters deep would remain. Short essay on the necessary. Short, essay on 'conserve water, save life' (200 Words).

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