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debut essay

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Sometimes they are accompanied on stage by nubile dancers and a rock band, and play music with a dance beat. British chart compilers said their debut album was pop music and banned it from their classical chart but it went to the top of the American version." "The 23-year-old violinist Vanessa-mae can probably claim first rights on emerging from the sea in a suitably dripping. When still a teenager she used the wet look in one of her early promotional videos." "One critic said of Russell Watson a singer: His ability is reliant on massive amplification, and i very much doubt whether he has the stamina (or the desire). The group went to the top of the classical charts, but their medieval madrigals were described by one critic as estuary latin.". In America, the neo-liberal paradigm has already given a corporate atmosphere to our culture that is stronger than ever before in history, and stronger than in any other country in the world. So why are we being asked to go even farther in this direction? Generally speaking, if any one system of support for artists becomes isomorphic, artistic freedom suffers.

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That we cannot trust some people who are nonconformists. We will make conformists out of them in a hurry. The organization cannot trust the individual; the individual must trust the organization. The very nature of a mass market is conformity in both product and customer. Sandows suggestion that classical composers should tap into the fringes of the pop market is thus interesting, but of limited value. The fringes are indeed larger than the usual audience for classical music, but they could still only support a limited amount of experimental music. The industry is not in a stable condition, the audiences would be splintered, and the reactions of the public fickle and highly unpredictable, especially for kinds of avant-garde statement classical music they had never even heard before. Tapping into even the fringes of the pop industry would likely require elements of conformity that might not suit the wildly varied and experimental nature of modern classical music. Even traditional types of classical music that have tried to be more commercial are often criticized for their bad taste. David Lister, media and Culture Editor for. The guardian, created an interesting summary of some examples: "The members of the string quartet Bond, who were trained classically, perform in skimpy tops, tight trousers and stilettos.

Antiwar songs and drugs were socially acceptable, but presumed insults to Christianity were not. Some recent examples of how pop must conform to the strictures of the mass market are Springsteens backdown from his criticisms of the new York police for brutality, the attacks on Sinead oconner after her criticisms of the pope (which contributed to the end. Mass pop thrives on controversy, but it must be carefully gauged to create notoriety and not shut down the show. More variation exists on the markets surgery fringes, but the degree is generally proportional to the size of the audience. The more unusual the stance or music, the smaller the market. The financial viability of the fringe markets thus depends on having a limited supply of artists and a specialized public for a particular view or aesthetic. The dangers of artists being forced into conformity are apparent. Given the volatility of mass markets, wall Street has a very particular ethos. This was clearly summarized by ray kroc, one of the founders of McDonald's, who was angered by some of his franchises: we have found out.

debut essay

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Up front we might have a socially rebellious Bruce Springsteen, but behind him stands a massive music industry deeply rooted in the wall Street establishment, whose purpose is not to formulate social criticism but to make money. Mass media pop is thus distinguished by its ability to create a ready, packaged (and often benign) form of social criticism that raises protest only within the strictures the mass market will accept. This characteristic, however, must be carefully disguised or the impression of hipness is weakened. Big business is the dirty secret in the background. The current crisis with file sharing is an example of the troubles the music industry can have when its business side becomes too visible. The best argument for pop music actually leading a social rebellion would probably be found in the '60s, but even then elements of conformity were apparent. The massive criticism of John Lennons comment that the beatles were more popular than Jesus Christ was a clear illustration.

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debut essay

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Entertainment weekly before moving to, the wall Street journal. In his writings, he moves freely between pop and classical. The approach of leveling pop and classical into the marketplace is both aesthetically hip and financially conservative. The younger Wall wallpaper Street might even define business as an extension of the freewheeling, libertarian ethos of rock and roll. In this sense, they might be referred to as hip-cons.

Rock and roll and its many pop variants are the mainstay of the corporate music industrys income. Rock also accurately reflects something of the American business spirit of enterprise and freedom. The danger of Conformity in Mass Markets. From its beginnings, rock revolted against stifling convention and hypocrisy. Rock, however, is a form of rebellion carried by the mass media, which leaves it characterized by internal conflicts.

One of the most interesting and nuanced proponents of this view is Greg Sandow, who writes for. The wall Street journal. He argues that classical music must creatively accept the structures of the marketplace. He notes that even the fringes of the mass market are enormous. If artists can't fit into Americas relatively unmitigated capitalist system, they are to be blamed, at least in part, for their lack of imagination and relevance.

Alternatives, such as public funding for the arts, are left largely unmentioned. 3, the general correlations between. Sandows ideas and neo-liberalism are fairly obvious. Government is to be reduced and an unregulated market furthered. His view could also stem from his musical background. He worked as a pop music critic for.

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2, some of neo-liberalisms most important tenets are cutting public expenditure for social services such as health insurance, education and cultural programs. This is consistent with its other policies, such as the deregulation of the market to and allow the free flow of capital and limit restrictions caused by issues such as environmentalism and job safety; privatization of state-owned enterprises such as schools, parks, toll highways, hospitals, utilities. (We thus see that in its technical economic meanings, neo-liberalism differs from the common American political usage of the term liberal. Neo-liberalism refers instead to the historical meanings of market-liberalism as freed from government intervention or involvement.). In its purest form, Americas neo-liberalism would suggest that cultural expression that doesn't fit in the marketplace doesn't belong at all. For the arts, the alternative has been to maintain a relatively marginalized existence supported by gifts from corporations, foundations and the wealthy. A system similar to a marginal and elitist garden cultural plutocracy evolves. This philosophy is almost diametrically opposed to the tradition of large public cultural funding found in most of Europes social democracies. The hip-Con Argument, through the influence of neo-liberalism, it is becoming increasingly common in America to suggest that classical music must enter the market place in order to survive.

debut essay

Except for the military, there has been continual political pressure to reduce government. Even though the governments budgets have continued to increase, arts funding has been particularly vulnerable to cuts. By 1997, the neas funding was close any to half its former high, and has only slowly regained some of its lost ground. University of Chicago economist Milton Friedman stressed the value of limited taxation and unregulated global markets in the 1970s. Many influential members of the political and economic elite embraced his views. With Ronald reagans election, Friedmans proposals became established. Friedmans philosophy of limited government and free trade was seen as an extension of Adam Smiths 18th century market-liberalism, and is technically referred to by many economists as neo-liberalism.

between Europeans and Americans. Germanys public arts funding, for example, allows the country to have 23 times more full-time symphony orchestras per capita than the United States, and approximately 28 times more full-time opera houses. 1, in Europe, publicly funded cultural institutions are used to educate young people and this helps to maintain a high level of interest in the arts. In America, arts education faces constant cutbacks, which helps reduce interest. The rise of neo-liberalism As a cultural Paradigm. The divisions between American and European arts-funding models are best understood if one briefly considers the changes that have evolved. Economic policy over the last 30 years.

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debut essay
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