Data analysis and presentation ppt

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data analysis and presentation ppt

Introduction to data mining - university of Minnesota

In practice gayle. Could have been helped directly in the construction of their family rg social Class measure * In the talk only mentioned family social class but there is also occupational information on young workers * In principle the geode idea could extend to qualifications harmonising qualification. Pvt analysis PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Pvt analysis 1 / 19, pvt analysis. Black oil: gor of 2000 scf /stb or less. Stock tank oil gravity is usually below 45 api. Stock tank oil is dark indicating of presence heavy hydrocarbons. Color is often black or brown.

PowerPoint ppt presentation

(2000 2002)analysis of ycs 3 constructed a type measure of family social class (highest - father or mother) using Registrar General biography * Raffe. (2006) undertaking cross-cohort analyses harmonised a variable based on ns-sec (Managerial/Professional; Intermediate; Manual) * Connolly (2006) analysing ycs 9 10 relied on a modified version of Registrar General deposited with the data and a version of sec for ycs11 geode, what is there? Some early cohorts often code parental occupations using C080 * Later cohorts use soc90 * Some cohorts do not included detail occupational codes * Generally there is self-employment information - but not detailed employment status information (e.g. Employers; Managers; Supervisors etc). Geode, what is there? Some cohorts include a seg measure (e.g. Standard 16 categories in ycs 7 but there is no clear information on how these are derived) * Cohort 9 reports seg but in practice this is a modified version of the registrar General Schema with (Class i and Class ii merged) * Parental occupation. 24 sample attrition * Later ycs cohorts more thought into collection of appropriate data but data coding (and therefore translation) is still problematic geode, what is the problem? Varying quality of occupational information * Compared to some other surveys little attempt to sort out occupational information * Raffe. Tried to work up a time-series data set with a harmonised family social class measure see also team member Croxford (2004) geode, can geode help? In principle yes overall task of harmonisation * Definitely for ycs data depositors!

Geode, the youth Cohort Study of England and Wales * uk government survey * Originally department of Education and Science then inherited by various successors * overall the survey is a monitoring instrument for government but has obvious social science potential. Geode, great the uks Missing Birth Cohorts, the ycs is particularly important as a source of nationally representative information on young people. Helps to fill the data gap left by not having new cohorts of large-scale birth cohort data in the uk (Gayle 2005 geode, general Structure of the ycs * Postal Survey * Study contacts a sample from an academic year group (cohort) in the spring. Geode, ycs sampling * Sample was multi-stage cluster until wave 5 * Simplified sample (approx 10) * Documentation states srs but Systematic Sample of days in the month of birth (e.g. 5th, 15th etc.) * ycs3 (1987) 16k young people. Geode, ycs change and Stability * The questionnaire designed to be broadly comparable * External changes and shifts in policy interests have brought about changes * Changes major and Minor! Geode, ycs complexity * Less in terms of sampling and individual survey design * More in terms of comparing cohorts geode, ocial Class and Education * The relationships between family background (social class) and education have been a policy for over 100 year in Britain. Foster Act 1870) * In the past education has been fairly extensively analysed in terms of social class (Reid 1998.157) * Research on social background typically measures social class as some function of parental (historically fathers) occupation - examples are legion geode, examples from. (1992)analyses earlier data constructed a measure (Professional; Intermediate; Manual) * gayle.

data analysis and presentation ppt

Qualitative and quantitative data Analysis

More sophisticated tools may be used for future engineering analysis. Occupational writing Analysis Issues and Examples PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, occupational Analysis Issues and Examples 1 / 23, occupational Analysis Issues and Examples. Grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment geode project workshop, 16 th January 2007 Vernon gayle University of Stirling. The youth Cohort Study of England and Wales. Concentrate on one social survey. Presentation Transcript, occupational Analysis Issues and Examples, grid Enabled Occupational Data Environment. Geode project workshop, 16th January 2007. Vernon gayle, university of Stirling, geode, the youth Cohort Study of England and Wales * Major Longitudinal Study * Began in the mid 1980s * Designed to monitor behaviour of young people as they reach the minimum school leaving age and either stay.

Main tool in generation planning Multi-area production Costing Two approaches Simultaneous simulation External input External input Determine transfer capability between areas Rated and actual Transmission planning tool Estimate transfer schedule model import as generator and export as load in production costing Deterministic or probabilistic modeling. More than 80 of utilities in the north American use. Scenario modeling Stand-alone production costing or comprehensive optimal generation planning. Detailed representation of performance, cost and constraint characteristics of physical and financial resources uplan developed by lcg consulting Advanced algorithms to simplify computations pc based Multi-area capability egeas developed by Stone and Webster for epri (USA). Advanced optimization techniques Detailed production costing Transmission Planning Siting route selection Capacity costing Scenario generation Performance analysis Fixed configurations (snap shot) Power flows, optimal power flows, stability data requirements Input data Transmission network configuration Parameters Generation configuration Cost load Output data power flow pattern Constraint. Usa) EuroStage (EDF) Netomac (Siemans) Power System toolbox (Cherry Tree) psapac comprehensive modeling Advanced algorithms Accurate and reliable performance Extensive data requirement Elaborate output Major Components of psapac inflow: Interactive power flow analysis etmsp: Extended transient and mid-term stability program sssp: Small signal stability program. Conclusion we recommend that uplan and Matlab/pst be used initially for the preliminary study.

Introduction to survival Analysis

data analysis and presentation ppt

Jude the Obscure, wikipedia

Planning tools Cost / benefit analysis of alternative plans Financial risk assessment. Presentation Transcript, software tools: Functions, planning tools, cost / benefit analysis of alternative plans. Financial risk assessment, feasibility of plans: identify potential operating disasters. Operating tools, engineering design, operational procedure, data requirement. Interactions of the tools, investment decisions, schematic update, interactions of Software tools. Planning tools: Benefits - economy - environment, investments, risk, operation tools: Performance analysis -Stability, control system design, investment Decision Support. Investment costs, fixed cost, operating costs, calculating capital costs.

Assumptions, accounting practice, estimating operating costs, how the system operates. Plant availability merit order loading (Unit commitment and economic dispatch) Production costing simulation load Forecast load-A. Generation Existing generation a export to b merit order load Forecast load-b generation Existing generation b import from the interconnection. Merit order Production Simulation Simulate power system operation to calculate production cost From each generator and for resume the whole system Energy, fuel, pollution, etc. Probabilistic Production Costing taking into account of uncertainties in generator scheduling, forced outages, hydro availability, analysis etc. Multi-year breaking down to a series of monthly or weekly simulations Output provides information of fuel usage and cost Pollution generated Reliability level (Loss of load probability) System marginal cost Can be used to assess benefits (economical and environmental) of interconnection. Data requirements Data Input data load demand (peak load growth and load shape) Generator capacity, availability, fuel type, heat rate, start-up/ shutdown cost, pollution generation fuel cost Output data system reliability system and individual generator operating cost (fuel, o m emission.

Code scan routine patch xor eax, eax data movptreax, ebx add 4, eax cmpeax, 0x0 jne. Loop jmp 863828 add 4, eax cmpebx, 0x0 jne. Loop save state patch code emulate (movptreax, ebx) patch restore state call chk_mem instrumentation pass fail fail segv_handler. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation The packers were studying Res. Sr-dyninst Packer Malware market share1 Obfuscated Self-modifying Anti instru-mentation Dyninst upx.45 polyEnE.21 yes execryptor.06 yes yes yes x yes yes yes x Themida.95 yes yes yes pecompact.59 upack.08 yes yes nPack.74 anti-debugging techniques Aspack.29 yes yes fsg.

Two-month average feb-March 2008. Improved Dyninst overhead Res. Reduced relocation overhead despite emulation Better handling of program features Exceptions Indirect control flow Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Conclusion sr-dyninst gives you all the benefits of Dyninst on malware safer instrumentation on normal binaries Ongoing work Anti-debugger techniques More descriptive cfgs Automated defensive-mode activation sr-dyninst. Software Analysis tools PowerPoint Presentation, download Presentation. Software Analysis tools 1 / 25, northeast Asian Power Grid Interconnection Shenzhenmay 7, 2002. Felix wu university of Hong Kong.

Clarity is key: making, writing, clean and Concise

Sr-dyninst process reloc_main: main: Relocate Analyze call. Pop esi add esi, eax mov ebx, ptresi. Push orig jmp 0 pop esi add esi, eax mov ebx, ptresi. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Anti-anti patching. Code checksum routine patch xor eax, eax data add eax, ptrebx add 4, resume ebx cmp ebx, 0x41000 jne. Loop jmp 863828 add 4, ebx cmp ebx, 0x41000 jne. Loop save essay state code patch emulate (add eax, ptrebx) patch restore state cmp eax. Fail instrumentation pass fail fail shadow memory malware Analysis and Instrumentation Address-space scanning.

data analysis and presentation ppt

Instrument overwrite exception call ptreax with div eax, 0 Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Code discovery algorithm. Hybrid algorithm: Parse from known entry points Instrument control flow that may lead to new code resume execution? Instrument overwrite exception call ptreax div eax, 0 Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Instrumentation-based discovery. Invalid control transfers Indirect control transfers Exception-based control transfers call 401000 Invalid Region jmp eax call ptreax push eax?? Ret xor eax, eax mov ebx, ptreax Exception Handler Malware Analysis and Instrumentation overwritten code discovery. Dyninst Update after overwrite handle overwrite signal instrument write loop exits copy overwritten page restore write permissions resume execution Update cfg when writes end remove overwritten and unreachable blocks parse at entry points to overwritten regions remove write permissions resume execution Update after overwrite handle. Dyninst Update after overwrite handle overwrite signal instrument write loop exits copy overwritten page restore write permissions resume execution Update cfg when writes end remove overwritten and unreachable blocks parse at entry points to overwritten regions remove write permissions resume execution code write handler cfg.

6a d8 6a d0 56 4b fe 92 57 af 40 0c b6. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation, dyninst is a toolbox for analysts library injection function replace- ment loop, block, function, instruction instrument- ation symbol table reading, writing forward backward slices machine language parsing cfg loop analysis call stack walking Dyninst Dyninst binary rewriting program binary. 9 Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Anti-analysis tricks Anti Obfuscated control flow Obfuscated control flow indirect control flow, stack tampering, overlapping code, signal-based ctrl flow Unpacked code Unpacked code all-at-once, block-, loop-, function-at-a-time, to empty or allocated space Anti-analysis overwritten code single operand or opcode, whole. G., asprotect Use call to get current pc local Data Access call data pop pc into register obfuscated control flow obfuscated control flow pop esi add esi, eax mov ebx, ptresi unpacked code construct pointer and dereference overwritten code pc-sensitive code anti-patching address-space probing. G., pecompact checksum routine protected code xor eax, eax calculate checksum of protected region add eax, ptrebx add 4, ebx cmp ebx, 0x41000 jne. Loop obfuscated control flow compare to expected value cmp eax. Fail jmp unpacked code overwritten code pass fail fail instrument-ationis detected pc-sensitive code anti-patching address-space probing 15 Malware Analysis and Instrumentation Address-space probing Anti code memory Scan int *ptr 0; data segv_handler ptr pagesize; goto restart: code instrumentation sigaction(sigsegv, segv_handler while(1) restart: *ptr; ptr pagesize;. Hybrid algorithm: Parse from known entry points Instrument control flow that may lead to new code resume execution??

Copyright Complaint Adult Content Flag as Inappropriate. I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described. Download Presentation, an Image/Link below is provided (as is) to download presentation. Download Policy: Content on the website is provided to you as is for your information and personal use and may not be sold / licensed / shared on other websites without getting consent from its author. While downloading, if for some reason you are not able to download a presentation, the publisher may have deleted the file from their server. Presentation Transcript, forensic analysts need help 90 of malware resists analysis1, malware attacks cost billions of dollars annually2 65 of users feel effect of cyber crime3 69 cybercrimes are resolved3 28 days on average to resolve a cybercrime3. Malware binary 7a 77 0e 20 e9 3d e0 09 e8 68 c0 45 be 79 5e c0 73 1c 88 48 6a d8 6a d0 56 4b fe 92 57 af 40 0c b6 f2 64 32 f5 07 b6 66 21. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation 1 McAfee. 2008 2 Computer Economics.

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Download, skip this Video, loading SlideShow in 5 Seconds. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation PowerPoint Presentation. Download Presentation, malware Analysis and Instrumentation 1 / 31, malware Analysis and Instrumentation. Andrew Bernat and kevin roundy. Paradyn / Dyninst week madison, wisconsin may 2-4, 2011. Forensic analysts need help. 90 of malware resists friendship analysis 1 Malware attacks cost billions of dollars annually.

data analysis and presentation ppt
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Introdução exemplo de aplicação. data where the first two data values correspond to the x and the y axis and the third value is proportional to the size of the bubble. Cost Analysis PowerPoint templates, backgrounds Presentation slides, ppt themes and Graphics.

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  1. Paradyn / Dyninst week madison, wisconsin may. Lecture 4: feasible Space and Analysis - powerPoint ppt presentation. Dea- data Envelopment Analysis. Marco aurélio reis dos Santos marcoauré.

  2. Affymetrix probe level analysis normalization constant, loess, rank invariant, quantile. Goal: make assertions about the data usage in a program Use these assertions to determine if and when optimizations. Malware Analysis and Instrumentation. Andrew Bernat and kevin roundy.

  3. Hyperspectral image processing and analysis - powerPoint ppt presentation. The live access Server: Display, analysis, and Distribution of Environmental Data. Roland Schweitzer kevin o'brien 1, steve hankin. Probe analysis and data preprocessing.

  4. Benefitted for business intelligence, data analysis, financial reporting, it support, sales monitoring etc. Stahujte vysoce kvalitní snímky, ilustrace, vektory Ppt za cenu, která se dokonale vejde do rozpočtu vašeho projektu. Statistical Analysis of quantitative data - powerPoint ppt presentation.

  5. Action Research, data, analysis, tutorial - powerPoint, pPT. Presentation and analysis tools catt for views 30k gridder/contourer 15k dynamic maps in views 30k server. qualitative researcherswho want to know how to apply the appropriate strategies for data analysis, interpretation, and reporting. graphics, genuine and admissible ppt images with pliant data options, vector based Presentation graphics, adequately compatible with.

  6. Pricing Techniques and, analysis, chapter 16 - powerPoint, pPT. Occupational, analysis, issues and, examples - powerPoint, pPT. Insider Threat, analysis and, countermeasures - powerPoint, pPT. Star chart, analyzes, school District : Carthage isd campus: Junior High School years.

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