Short essay on lord rama

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short essay on lord rama

Srila bv narayan Maharaja sweet Mercy

Girls wear a fillet of beads and of palmyra leaf and an enormous quantity of beads and neck ornaments extremely like those worn by many komjak women. Otherwise the women wear nothing. The women shave their heads entirely. Of the Chenchus, a tribe residing near Farhabad in the nizam's Dominions it is said that "their houses are conical, rather slight in structure made of bamboos sloping to the central point and covered with a thinnish layer of thatch. They have very little indeed in the way of material effects, the scanty clothes they wear, consisting of a langoti and a cloth in the case of men and a short bodice and a petticoat in the case of women, being practically all, besides. They keep cattle and goats and in this particular village do a little cultivation, elsewhere subsisting on honey and forest produce which they sell". Regarding the morias another Primitive tribe, it is stated the men generally wear a single cloth round the waist with a flap coming down in the front.

Vedic Culture / Hinduism

The name Primitive tribes is expressive of the present state of people who are called by that name. They live in small-scattered huts in forests. They live on wild fruits, nuts and roots. Fishing and hunting are also resorted to for the purpose of securing food. Agriculture plays a very small part in their social economy. Food supplies being extremely precarious they lead a life of semi-starvation from which there is no escape. As to clothes they economise them to a vanishing point. They move almost in a state of complete nakedness. There is a tribe which is known as "Bonda porajas" which means "naked Porajas". Of these statement people it is said that, the women wear a very narrow strip which serves as a petticoat almost identical with what is worn by the momjak nagas in Assam, the ends hardly meeting at the top on the left thigh. These petticoats are woven at home out of the fibre of a forest assignment tree.

The population of the offer Primitive tribes in India according to the census of 1931 comes in round f i gures to 25 millions. The total population of the Criminal classes now listed as Criminal is somewhere about 41/2 millions. The total population of the Untouchables according to the census of 1931 is 50 millions in India as a whole. The total of these classes comes to 791/2 millions. And the question is what is the position of these 791/2 million souls? First as to the Primitive tribes. In what state of civilization are they?

short essay on lord rama

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For the from present the contrast remains a riddle. This is so in spite of the doctrine of Bramha, asserted by the Brahmins to be residing and pervading every human being. If there is Bramha in a brahmin so also it is in a primitive man, in a criminal Tribes man and so also in an Untouchable? How are these two facts to be reconciled the theory of Bramha and as against it the existence of the Primitive tribes, the Criminal Tribes and the Untouchables? This sunken humanity falls into three distinct categories. One such empire category is comprised of people who are called Primitive tribes. Communities listed as Criminal classes form a second and separate category and the third category is the one, which covers what are called the Untouchables. The total population of persons who fall into these three categories is by no means small.

What is important to know is how the masses and the classes in India live? What are the social and economic terms of their associated life? To what extent are these influenced by religion? The answer to this question is given by the condition in which we find certain classes who fall within the hindu fold. Ii it is a pity that Prof. Max Muller did not visit India. On seeing the contrast between theory and practice he might have explained the contrast.

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short essay on lord rama

The dhammapada with Explanatory notes Buddha

It is not a struggle of the masses. Those who are interested in the struggle of the masses must learn to look at the population of India from another point of view. They must cease to look at it purely from the point of view of religion. They must look at the population of India from the social and economic point of view. This does not mean that one need not care to know how religion has affected the economic and social life of the people of India.

Indeed no study too of the Indian people, be they hindus or Musalmans, can give an adequate picture of their life if religion is kept out of consideration. Because religion is supreme in India as was the roman Catholic Church in the middle Ages in e u rope. Bryce f2 has described the dominance of the Church over the lives of the people in terms that are worth recording "A life in the Church, for the Church, through the Church; a life which she blessed in mass at morning and sent to peaceful. It would therefore be a mistake to leave religion out of consideration. But i t is equally true to say that a purely religious point of view would give only a superficial picture.

In the meantime the extremes in both the camps are making headlines by their blood baths. But, be that as it may, i venture to think that there are many who will not feel much interest in this struggle between the hindus and the mahomedans. After all it is a struggle for mastery for dominance. It is a struggle for liberation. It is a struggle for establishing an empire of one over the other.

They will be more interested in the struggles of the down trodden, of those who are fighting to obtain the title deeds to respectable humanity. In describing the old quarrel between the Whigs and Tories in England, Francis Place in describing the political policy of the Whigs said, they were out to crush the king on the one hand and the people on the other hand and establish the aristocracy. Those hindus and Musalmans who are now f i ghting have the same policy in Indian politics. They want to establish their classes from them as the governing body. The masses whether of the hindus or of the musalmans are merely used for establishing the ascendency of the classes. This struggle that is going on is really a struggle of the classes.

Essay on Untouchables and Untouchability_Social

How gravethe conflict is, can be seen from the number of Hindu-moslem riots that have taken place in recent years and the casualties and deaths that resulted from them. But this struggle is a struggle for garden establishing an empire. There are hindus who are agitating for establishing in India a hindu raj with. Mahomedans as subject only. There are mahomedans who are dreaming of Pan Islamism and of making India a part of a muslim Empire with a choice for the hindus between the sword and the koran. In between these two extremists, there are sober persons who are for a state in which both Hindus and Muslims can live as equal partners. Whether the extremists will succeed or the moderates will succeed time alone can show.

short essay on lord rama

He knows only of Hindus and. He sometimes hears of the sikhs, very seldom of Christians although they are a growing community and never of the. Buddhists who period are of course non-existent so far as India of today is concerned. The impression of the foreigner is that there are only hindus and. Musalmans in India and that there are none others worth bothering about. That this should be his impression is quite natural. The air is filled with the din and noise of the hindu-moslem conflict.

the peoples of India is the religions they profess or the languages they speak. Limited by this interest, they remain content with a knowledge they get about the religions and languages that are prevalent in India. All that the outsider cares to hold in his head is that, in India there are people who are either Hindus. If he is interested in religion or that t here are people in India some of whom speak. Marathi, some speak, gujarathi, some bengali and some tamil, etc. Of the two ways of classifying people of India the religious classification is the one which is more impressive and arresting for the foreigner. He is more interested in the religions than in the languages. But even he is not aware of all the religious communities in India.

In book ii, five essays have been included under social". civilisation or felony,. Another cross section view of India's population. Sunken classes seen great through it : (a) Primitive tribes, (b) Criminal Tribes and (c) Untouchables. Effect of Hindu civilisation on the condition of these classes. Difference in the problems of these classes. The population of India is generally classified on a linguistic or on religious basis.

Notes on Selected books on Yoga, philosophy and Religion

Essays on great Untouchables and Untouchability: Social contents, chapter 1 : civilisation or felony. Chapter 2 : The house the hindus have built. Chapter 3 : The rock on which it is built. Chapter 4 : touchables v/s untouchables. Chapter 5 : The curse of caste. Social (Besides the consolidated scheme on "Untouchables or children of India's Ghetto " included in book i in this Volume, there are several other essays . Ambedkar which deal with the subject of ' untouchables and. These essays are divided into three categories viz., social, political and Religious.

short essay on lord rama
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Chapter 2 : The ho u se the hindus have built. Notes on books published by The divine life society, rishikesh, himalayas, india. This is the complete text of what is African Traditional Religion?, an essay by joseph Omosade Awolalu, which appeared in the the journal Studies in Comparative religion, 1975 Winter (Vol.

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