Army assignments list

Master List of Army military Occupational Specialties

army assignments list

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you must select 6 locations (3 conus and 3 oconus). . Two conus preferences msut be selected from Assignment Location List (asg Loc List) a and one from Asg Loc List. . Three oconus preferences must be selected from Asg Loc List. Special Duty Interest Preference/Volunteer - you may indicate a desire to be considered for or volunteer for Drill Sergeant, recruiting, and/or Airborne. Assignment Volunteer - you may now "volunteer" for assignment locations. . Provided you are otherwise qualified. S Army human Resources Command (HRC) assignment managers will consider assignment volunteers over non-volunteers. .

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"ASK" requires you to select two conus locations from a divisional Installation Listing and one conus location form a more expanded listing. . you may select three of four oconus locations. By providing you with realistic location options, our goal is to match Army readiness requirements with your preferences. You are contributing to the overall decision process report and your vote counts. S Army human Resources Command (HRC) must still fill unique assignments, the majority of assignment locations will be available for ebay you to select. . Those who decline to submit preferences will be assigned according to the needs of the Army. This application is available through. S Army human Resources Command (HRC) 's web site at: p Use your Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to this information. . Use of ako will ensure necessary security requirements are met. . you may view and update the following information: Personal Contact Information - you will be able to provide your current home address, phone number (home and duty) (commercial and Digital Service network (dsn and email address (either home or military). Assignment Preference - assignment preferences will be used when you are being considered for assignment. .

Soldiers will need. Army Knowledge Online (AKO) account password to gain access to their information. More Information on ask, assignment Satisfaction key. Mil/ask, web access to enlisted assignment information is the key to electronically influencing your career. You can update assignment preferences and related information through a newly developed web application. . Satisfaction key" or "ASK" Internet tool provides the capability to post assignment preference information directly to the total Army personnel Database. S Army human Resources Command (HRC). Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate (epmd) assignment managers will use this information when short considering you for assignments. Under the old "Dream Sheet" days, you could choose from 230 conus locations and 280 oconus locations, but had little chance of being assigned to any of the locations. .

army assignments list

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Two conus installations will be divisional installations. Interest Preferences : Drill Sergeant, recruiting and/or Airborne. Soldiers are not volunteering for these duties. Assignment, volunteers - soldiers may volunteer for up to 3 conus and/or 3 oconus locations from lists provided. Interest Volunteers : Soldiers may volunteer for Drill Sergeants, recruiting and/or Airborne. Access is available thru the,. S Army human Resources Command (HRC) web site. Once report you access the. S Army human Resources Command (HRC) web site, you will click on the "Assignment Satisfaction key" displayed above.

What is your approach with hrc? Head in the sand or Transparent engagement? What does your engagement method communicate to your Assignment Officer? Subscribe to The military leader! Complete Archive of Military leader Posts. Back to home page, related. Ask, home, assignment Satisfaction key, passing information with the click of a mouse, soldiers can update the following information via the internet: Personal Contact Information : Current home address, phone number (home and duty and email address (either home or military). Assignment Preferences : Soldiers must select 6 choices (3 conus and 3 oconus) from lists provided.

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army assignments list

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The experienced Assignment Officers share vignettes with the newer guys to teach them about the job. And when an officer calls someone other than his particular Assignment Officer trying to get what he wants, we all know about. Not a good technique. My assignment Officer could have cut my rfo weeks ago, but hes just write lazy. As with every other system in the.

Army, the request for Orders process expands well beyond one persons desk. Each rfo requires anywhere from 5 to 20 administrative actions and must be staffed through 3-12 other sections before releasing. This process helps millionaire ensure that each assignment complies with federal law and. Believe me, your Assignment Officer wants to release it as much as you want to get. What other questions do you have about life at hrc? What has been your experience with your Assignment Officer?

Army, thats happening less and less. Army, career Tracker if you want to research assignment types and locations. As long as I get a by name request, my Assignment Officer will send me just about anywhere. Bnrs have lost favor in recent years because that they wreak havoc on the ability to predict the number of available jobs for each Distribution Cycle. No longer can a brigade commander Colonel (or even a brigadier General) sign a bnr memo and expect Branch to automatically fulfill it we dont have the authority to. Only if the bnr is received well in advance of the distribution Cycle, the gaining unit is authorized the billet, and the assignment makes sense for the officer, will Branch have a case in honoring the request.

If you work at Branch, you get a sweet assignment after you leave. Without knowledge on every follow-on assignment that Branch officers have taken, this statement is tough to believe. But further, consider this fact:  folks who work at Branch are very competitive for promotion and command, which means theyre also competitive for the cool jobs like fellowships in Garmisch, germany and aide jobs for General Officers in Spain. Its a fallacy to think that a duty position at hrc automatically equals a good assignment afterwards. I can tell you that Branch Chiefs take particular care to ensure the follow-on assignment process is fair and equitable. If one Assignment Officer doesnt give you the answer youre looking for, you can just call another one. I didnt know this before coming to hrc, but each Branchs Assignment Officers work in the same office. We share cubicle walls and talk to each other constantly.

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Not legally, he cant. We only get access to the promotion lists a short time before theyre made public and sign confidentiality agreements not to release the information outside the building. In fact, asking your Assignment Officer to reveal protected information puts him in a bad ethical position, please dont. Branch can really send you to any job in the. Army, they just save the cool jobs for desk the people they know. Unfortunately, the Branches have control over very few of the jobs they receive for each rank. Just because theres a job to serve as Executive officer for the language school in Monterey, ca, nobodys going there unless big. Army validates it as a required positionand in todays shrinking.

army assignments list

The major and lieutenant Colonel populations are managed by senior Majors and promotable ltcs who will likely go on to command battalions following their hrc assignment. Finally, the Branch Chiefs are successful post-command ltcs, most of whom have prior hrc experience. You guys sit on the promotion boards. Assignment Officers have no role in promotion boards or selection panels for fellowships and such. We do receive professional development instruction method on the board process and participate in mock boards, which gives us insight into how to better prepare the populations files for consideration. (Example: we recently found out in a class that promotion board members cannot see whether a considered officer has verified his/her file in the myboard system. Of course its wise of you to look at your file before a board, but if you dont verify it officially, the board wont know.). My assignment officer is a buddy and can tell me if I made the promotion list.

employs about 3,300 military, civilian and contract workers. The nearly 900,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility is the largest office building in the commonwealth of Kentucky. Photo by robert Stevenson, fort Knox Visual Information. My assignment Officer isnt even in my Branch. This misconception occurs mostly in the junior officer years but rest assured, your Assignment Officer is an experienced and very successful member of your Branch. And the civilians who work in the Branch offices have years of experience, sometimes decades, and were often active duty themselves, so they know the deal. Lieutenants and Captains are all managed by post-company command Captains.

I wanted to know locations so thesis i could "suggest" them to branch. I am aware that the army places me, ultimately. Follow 2 answers. Some officers serve half their career before speaking with their Assignment Officer at Human Resources Command. Commonly heard beliefs include: If you get on Branchs radar, theyll send you to korea ; Just lay low and let your commanders speak on your behalf ; and, i plan to stay with troops as long as I can, so i dont need hrcs. Ive worked as an Assignment Officer for almost a year and I recommend against holding on to such beliefs. Further, I think most people hesitate to engage with their Assignment Officer because they really dont know who is on the other end of the phone.

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I am write wondering if there is a list of open assignments for the, army for specific mos's, and ranks. Branch is always too busy or out of the office. Essentially i am trying to find what. Army, post have openings for my mos. Any information would be useful, my searches are all dead ends! Update: I would like to add that i am not a new recruit. I am active duty about to pcs.

army assignments list
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  3. 42 thoughts on 8 Myths About hrc. Commissioned, army, officers that are qualified, army. Aviators must apply through their hrc. Assignment, officer to the.

  4. S, army, human Resources Command (HRC) assignment managers. The joint Duty, assignment List (jdal) for three and a half years before being promowed to flag rank. The jdal is a list of billets with the joint Chiefs. This process helps ensure that each assignment complies with federal law and.

  5. I am wondering if there is a list of open assignments for the, army for specific mos s, and ranks. Branch is always too busy or out of the office. Two conus preferences msut be selected from.

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