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Students may even write on the back of old calendars if they run out of activity sheets, which they can later file in different portfolios. Advertisement, its plain hard work. When we visited one of the schools (during the pilot run i saw that the students even put rubber band or tape around their pens to have a better grip because they used their pens quite often, said Smart public affairs chief Mon Isberto. And these self-driven students are the kind of students we need in the 21st century, students who can acquire new skills on their own, Isberto said. Dlp is a no-tech but 21st-century method that can work even without textbooks or classrooms, he added. At the core of dlp is a technique developed by the bernidos called parallel learning, where teachers spend only 20 percent of class time introducing the lesson to students and giving them the remaining 80 percent to answer questions. By the end of a school year, dlp students would have answered up to 6,000 questions in science, math, economics and history subjects, among others.

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But instead of churning out flunkers and dropouts, this new teaching technique has actually produced high-scoring students. Say hello to the dynamic learning Program (dlp which proponents say is not only the answer to perennial problems like the lack of public school teachers and textbooks, but also a 21st-century method that need not rely on high technology. Advertisement, at least 157 public high schools in Basilan, negros Oriental and Negros Occidental provinces are deviating from tradition by adopting dlp, a teaching technique developed by Christopher and. Victoria bernido, the physicist couple who earned the ramon Magsaysay award in 2010. Local education officials have partnered with the bernidos and telecoms giant Smart Communications to spread the gospel of dlp, which was piloted in Cagayan de Oro last year and earlier tested in the bernidos Central Visayan Institute foundation (cvif) in Jagna, bohol province. During these initial runs, the program improved the students performance mainly by giving them more time for self-learning and drastically changing the role of teachers. Its not a curriculum, its a way of teaching. The traditional the way is that the teacher will lecture for most of the time and then students participate in recitation, quiz and homework, said Stephanie orlino, a community partnerships officer at Smart. This time around, students learn on their own 80 percent of the time, (and) the teacher only needs to be in class 20 percent of the time, orlino added. Under the dlp, students get to spend much of their time answering questions on worksheets based on the lesson that their teachers have discussed for only 15 to 20 minutes. Just pen and paper, no textbooks, notebooks or high-tech learning devices required—just pen and paper.

Libraries are treasure troves of information that students for some reason are increasingly reluctant to explore. Access to the library is brief free. Your parents are unlikely to grumble about you spending time there. It is a chance to explore and growand i am sure that you can find a librarian to help you out if you are struggling to find the checked solutions that you need. Online apps, the reality is that we do live in a digital age. Online apps or homework helpers have been specifically designed with the aim of providing correct answers to middle school children. All of the answers will have been checked over by a panel of qualified experts. This is a brilliant place to start! Manila, philippines—More seatwork, shorter lectures, and best of all, no homework.

homework net

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While some kids hate doing homework and do whatever they can to avoid it, others are more than happy to do it but worry about getting the answers wrong. That is why i have put together this article. Herere are some little known ways to find checked answers to homework, my tips for middle school. You tube, far from just being a place to upload and watch pop videos, you tube is increasingly becoming the place to find answers to your homework. I appreciate that you are young; that you are in middle school and whether or not you have access to the internet will really depend upon your parents. However, even if they are not willing to give you unlimited access, you could always suggest (nicely) that they grant you supervised access, or put in place parental controls simply to allow you to do your homework. Most of these will have been checked and who knows, you might even get to spend some time surfing the net for pleasure. The library, the library is a great place to look for answers of all kinds short whether they be checked or unchecked.

Want to know more about a particular person? Search 25,000 profiles at the. Check out The history Place frequently asked. Middle school can be a curious time in any childs life. You are no longer considered a baby, but you are not afforded the status of say a high school student. It can be happy, it can be sad. However, like it or not you are going to have to start making the transition and start stepping up to the plate. This means doing your homework to the very best of your ability and handing it on time every time.

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homework net

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Do you have a writer question about. Check out this answer page generously provided by the. National Park service with E-mail links to a variety of History experts. The library of Congress offers. Ask a librarian page. This Library of Congress, learning Page has a directory of Internet resources. Need help choosing a topic?

This useful guide at the University of Kansas has thousands of links to every imaginable history topic. Yahoo also has a big listing of History web sites. Need help building your bibliography? You can visit m and search their massive inventory to see what books are available on your topic, books you might be able to get from your local library or bookshop. To check the meaning of a word you can use this online.

It'll be quite obvious if your paper reads like it was written by. And you're only in the 8th grade! It's important to go to your local library or bookshop and get books in addition to using any electronic info. Right now, most books are not available on the Internet or on CDs. Then write the paper based on the knowledge you have gained.

Another thing to do is to interview persons who either experienced the historical era or who are knowledgeable, such as a college professor. Tip 4 Let someone else read it before you turn. Ask a friend or relative for an honest opinion. Sometimes young writers know what they mean as they write, but they don't actually make it clear on paper. If you have any confusing paragraphs your friend can quickly tell you. Tip 5 make sure you follow your teacher's style guidelines. This refers to requirements for margins, footnotes, the cover page, bibliography etc. Pay attention to all the little (painstaking) details on how your teacher wants you to assemble your project. Then you'll get the wonderful grade you deserve!

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If you leave it all until the last minute the quality of your paper will suffer badly. At The history Place we get panic e-mail messages from kids who don't have a clue about their topic and have a paper due in a matter of hours. The stress of trying to complete an assignment with one eye on the clock is guaranteed to make it a miserable experience for you. And then your parents will get stressed too! Tip 3 Don't just cut and paste. It's very tempting to copy stuff from the Internet and Encyclopedia cd-roms. But you'll wind up with a hodgepodge of various writing styles and levels dillard of expertise all stuck together like a jigsaw puzzle.

homework net

Most teachers are open to suggestions. For example, if you like sports and you're studying the American Colonial Era, you could look into how kids played back in the 1700s. Were boots there any organized sports? Was there even any time for play, considering the amount of chores? The more interested you are in the topic you finally get, the more motivated you will. Tip 2 Start early. It makes all the difference.

for review. Tutors on net accounting tutors who have masters in accounting and years of experience in tutoring accounting, they can help you by providing online tutoring together with detailed logical solutions to your accounting homework Problems. The reason why students prefer to study with tutors from tutors on net is that the manner in which they solve the assignments is so easy that the student tends to enjoy the topic. Tutors on net break the complex accounting homework problems into simple which is easier for the student to understand. So if you are tired of calculating accounts homework, then just click on internet, go to the website m and get all your finance homework done within the deadline given to you with efficient and professional manner. Tutors on net goal is to provide every student with a way of understanding the questions they face in school and college. Accounting homework help math homework help, management Accounting Homework help, loading. Tip 1 Try to pick a topic you're actually interested.

You will get your accounting homework done through simple steps. E-mail your accounting homework help, specifying the deadline. Highly skilled tutors will review your questions/ problems. They will get back to you with the answers. You will not only get the answers, as well as the step by step explanation. The team at m resume is well qualified to handle any kind of educational service requirement, be it online tutoring, homework help and training programs in maths, software. Ever wondered, is there a solid resource that help you with detail explanatory to your accounts homework.

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Quite often when students get stuck with an accounting or business studies-math assignment, it's because they're struggling to fully analyze the problem before them. Not only can tutors on net do that analysis for you but also produce a solution that has a clarity that you would not have though possible. Tutors on net aim is to help any student who does not understand their accounts homework/assignment or who are in need of any homework help. Tutors on net are specialized in accounting and its related loyalty subjects like finance, auditing, economics, provide homework help in accounting and its related subjects to the students all over the world. If you are stuck with your accounting homework and need guidance in it, tutors on net will be a one stop solution. These are some of the areas that tutors on net will assist you in accounting homework - construction of financial statements, performance metrics, depreciation calculation, costing methods. In advanced accounting - activity analysis ratio, capital structure analysis ratio, capital market analysis ratio, ratio analysis, profitability analysis report, costing methods, methods of financing, calculation and cost elements.

homework net
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  3. But instead of churning out flunkers and dropouts, this new teaching technique has actually produced high-scoring students. How to be well-organized: homework tips. Most of these will have been checked and who knows, you might even get to spend some time surfing the net for pleasure. Return to home page.

  4. How to write a better History paper five tips for young Students. The history place homework help. Manila, philippines—More seatwork, shorter lectures, and best of all, no homework.

  5. Tutors on net aim is to help any student who does not understand their accounts homework /assignment or who are in need of any homework help. Ever wondered, is there a solid resource that help you with detail explanatory to your accounts homework. As the homework net site, our service providers are for sale to you 24/7 and on any area: biology, biochemistry, science, geography, math, and so forth. The versatile equipment of discounts is certainly available at our customizable homework expert services.

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