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None of them is an absolute rule. Particular programmers have particular ways they like bugs to be reported. If the program comes with its own set of bug-reporting guidelines, read them. If the guidelines that come with the program contradict the guidelines in this essay, follow the ones that come with the program! If you are not reporting a bug but just asking for help using the program, you should state where you have already looked for the answer to your question. i looked in chapter 4 and section.2 but couldn't find anything that told me if this is possible. This will let the programmer know where people will expect to find the answer, so they can make the documentation easier to use. "Show." One of the very best ways you can report a bug is by showing it to the programmer.

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Remember also that if the program is free, then the author is providing it out of kindness, so if too many people are rude to them then they may stop feeling kind. "It doesn't work." give the programmer some credit for basic intelligence: if the program really didn't work at all, they would memo probably have noticed. Since they haven't noticed, it must be working for them. Therefore, either you are doing something differently from them, or your environment is different from theirs. They need information; providing this information is the purpose of a bug report. More information is almost always better than less. Many programs, particularly free ones, publish their list of known bugs. If you can find a list of known bugs, it's worth reading it to see if the bug you've just found is already known or not. If it's already known, it probably isn't worth reporting again, but if you think you have more information than the report in the bug list, you might want to contact the programmer anyway. They might be able to fix the bug more easily if you can give them information they didn't already have. This essay is full of guidelines.

You can either show them in person, or give them careful and detailed instructions on how to make it fail. If they can make it fail, they will try to gather extra information until they know the cause. If they can't make it fail, they will have to ask you to gather that information for them. In bug reports, try to make very clear what are actual facts i was at the computer and this essay happened and what are speculations i think the problem might be this. Leave out speculations if you want to, but don't leave out facts. When you report a bug, you are doing so because you want the bug fixed. There is no point in swearing at the programmer or being deliberately unhelpful: it may be their fault and your problem, and you might be right to be angry with them, but the bug will get fixed faster if you help them by supplying all.

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Reports of problems that turn out to be user error; reports of problems that turn out to be the fault of somebody else's program; reports of problems that turn out to be network failures. There's a reason why technical support is seen as a horrible job to be in, and that reason is bad bug reports. However, not all bug reports are unpleasant: I maintain free software, when I'm not earning my living, and sometimes I receive wonderfully clear, helpful, informative bug reports. In this essay i'll try to state clearly what makes a good bug report. Ideally i would like everybody in the world to read this essay before reporting any bugs to anybody. Certainly i would like everybody who reports bugs to me to have read. In a nutshell, the aim of a bug report is to enable the programmer to see the program failing in front of them.

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Pete singleton had played the final hand. Grub Smith pete singleton, its easy to enjoy a tournament when you aib go deep of course, but it must be said the organisation at Gala was excellent. Plenty of food put on for the players, waitresses regularly coming around for drinks orders, dealers who were friendly but didnt make inappropriate comments (a real pet peeve of mine and regular occurence in many places). In 20 hours of play i only saw one dealer error of any significance, and that was quickly resolved with a ruling which was to everyones satisfaction. Pretty good going in my opinion. My first real taste at tournament poker how it was meant to be played, especially on the first day with 200BB stacks, has certainly given me the desire for more. Im sure Ill be investing some of my winnings in attending another of the Great British poker tour events in future.

Tournament Results from bournemouth. How to report Bugs Effectively by, simon, tatham, professional and free-software programmer, english. Português česky, dansk, deutsch, español, français, magyar, italiano. Reports that say nothing It doesn't work! reports that make no sense; reports that don't give enough information; reports that give wrong information.

It was very easy to get back into the swing of things and once again I picked up some cards, played them well and avoided any bad beats. It was a surprisingly quick journey into the money, playing falling so quickly in the end there wasnt even a chance to go hand for hand, but getting from 9 to 8 and the final tv table proved a little more tricky, and i eventually. I was very pleased that I found it in me to call when I may well have scraped up another spot passing there, pretty happy to see my opponent, who i knew was going to push with any two, held only a 6/4 advantage. The guy i knocked out, Owen Locke, was somewhat a victim of his own ability. I had played several hours at his table and it was obvious he did know what he was doing and I fully expected him to push with any two cards there.

Against a weaker opponent perhaps I could have found an excuse to throw my hand away. Gbpt tv table, strangely enough Im not sure ive ever been more relaxed playing poker as in my first appearance as a player at a tv table. Already in the money, plenty of light, a table with 3 times as much space as I was used to and. Thomas Kremser announcing every action, you could really concentrate on playing poker. The dealers were actually the only nervous people at the table! I eventually busted in 5th and will have to wait for the broadcast and hole cards to see just how I did. I know I played well prior to getting to the final, Im not so sure about how I did once there, especially the 45 minutes or so prior to getting knocked out. It was a marathon in the end, Grub Smith started with a bit of a goatee and ended up with a full on beard by the time he and.

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A little birdie told me afterwards he wasnt even bothering to look at his cards! Next time beevers, next time. Our table was eventually broken and I cant say i was sorry. With the blinds escalating joe ran his ladies into cowboys and got no help to go out a couple of hours before the end of the days play whilst i, having gone card dead, got a table tight enough that I could keep my head. I ended the day close to average on 45,000, with 28 players joining me the next day including paul Jackson, jen Mason, grub Smith and, mike tindall (chip leader from day 1). Coming back at 2pm on Sunday was my first 2nd day of a tournament. I think it was only the 2nd tournament ive played that had a second day.

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theres nothing you can do about. I settled down and picked up hands and they were paid off. Coming into the first break i had close to tripled my starting stack, i would have been very pleased with that in a crapshoot let alone a deep stacked tournament. After a delicious steak dinner (Mark p is a much more generous host to me than he is dealer) it was back to work, but having settled down in the tournament it was back to square. Joseph beevers was moved to my table, sat on my immediate right. Id never played poker at the same table as any of the mob before in a live setting, and as Im not shy about giving my opinions on strategy at Mob headquarters I did rather feel like i was back at school and taking. Bar my first ever session of live play (a baptism of fire in a 7 handed self deal game at the vic a few years back, with opponents who seemed to have taken personal offence that someone they hadnt spent the last decade playing with. I actually found myself shaking after dragging in one pot Id taken down with what was to be my biggest bluff of the tournament, although having drunk about 8 cups of coffee in 4 hours probably didnt help. I didnt expect joe to do me any favours but i also didnt expect him to raise my blind so relentlessly, which he did on the many occasions he had the opportunity.

If youve played in a 10,000 event Im sure the analysis structure seemed fast for 10,000 chips, but for me and for a 500 buy-in there was more play than I was comfortable with. My major concern was not getting pocket kings into an all-in situation pre-flop. I had decided to play a tight game and at the very least get some experience in a deep stack tournament, of which I had only played a couple before. And there was a major difference this time; there was an adequate supply of dealers and no chance. Mark patrick being asked to step. There was a real possibility i might make it to the first break. I have to admit I was a little nervous to start, although i apparently wasnt the only one. Within 3 or 4 hands one of the other players at my table had managed to commit half his stack on a 2 tone board of q, t,9 accidently re-reraising instead of calling by throwing in 1000 chips instead of 100s and ending up out. A few hands later myself, and no doubt other players at the table, were wondering which of our fellow players was stupid enough to be getting all of their 10,000 chips in on the river with a flush from a pot only a couple.

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Robert Butt, i had assumed I would be writing this report from the point of view of an interested observer, having departed on the first day along with the majority of the field. I am very glad Im not doing so but for you the reader, Im afraid this will be my first report from this particular pespective, so please be gentle. Myself and joe drove up to bournemouth on Saturday, getting onto the motorway as the sort of rainstorm you expect to experience empire in the Amazon rather than on the M4 in the middle of June seemed to be taking hold. Luckily the storm was as short lived. Negreanus starting stack in a wsop rebuy tournament and we were able to make it to gala bournemouth in good time to take our seats at day. In theory there should have been 6 players left from the first days play, with day 2 proper having only 12 players remaining, and already in the money. As it happened the 10,000 starting stack, despite a fairly fast blind structure, gave so much play that there were still 13 players remaining from Friday to join those who started and survived Saturday on the final days play.

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The books I m writing are mainly set. Mad keen Motors automotive repair - sales - valet business plan executive summary.

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  3. This report was compiled in the first half of 2002, by 70 lead Authors and editorial board. Strenuous efforts have also been made to maximize the ease of utility of the report. Metal Sucks exclusive in-studio, report.

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  5. For this edition of The Urbanist, monocle 24 s weekly guide to making better cities, the team report from the two-day cityLab summit, which. I had assumed I would be writing this report from the point of view of an interested observer, having departed on the first day along with the majority of the field. Instead, return to the page you came from to find out where to report bugs in the program.

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