Overqualified resume

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overqualified resume

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"They say they need to do a background check and take all kinds of information about you—and then get 32 credit cards in your name.". Germaise agrees job seekers can easily be targeted for phone and email scams by posting contact information on resumes. "Such scams are relatively inexpensive, which contributes to their common occurrence he says. Information-protection strategies, so how do you protect yourself? Follow these tips: Activate monster's confidentiality feature : you can hide your name, street and email addresses, phone number and the name of your current or most recent employer. If you upload a word document or copy-and-paste a plain-text resume, be sure to manually remove identifying information.

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Jay foley, executive director of resume the nonprofit Identity Theft Resource center, also cautions job seekers to carefully consider what information they include in resumes. "When you post your resume online, you're sharing it with more than just one employer—you losing are sharing it with the world he says. Find balance between discretion and disclosure. Job hunting requires releasing certain information to potential employers. At the same time, job seekers can be selective about the information they share. "you will have to accept that when you put certain information out into the world, you lose some degree of control over it and how it may be used germaise says. "The key is to find the right balance between privacy and desired disclosure. It's good to be prudent but not paranoid.". According to foley, posting contact information like phone numbers and street and email addresses doesn't necessarily pose a high risk for identity theft but can make you vulnerable to scams. "Job seekers may be contacted by a representative falsely claiming to be a staff member for a fortune 500 company he says.

Expert writers earn dough for what they know. And exclusive sponsors in each niche topic help us make-it-all happen). Too much information on your resume can lead to trouble. Follow these tips from security experts to stay safe. Does your resume include information that puts you at risk for junk mail, spam, scams, or identity theft? Follow these tips from security experts to protect your privacy while allowing the right people to find you. Determine your risk tolerance, scott Germaise, author of, privacy tactics: Protect your Personal Information Assets and vp of product and project short management at identity management and security firm Standardid, advises job seekers to trust their instincts and assess their risk tolerance. "Some people couldn't care less about having a great deal of their personal information publicly available, while others feel that any disclosure beyond the basics is too much he says.

overqualified resume

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Job performance, by the way, is another part of the reference check. You can see the strategy of taking a job for which you are overqualified just to bide time and have a paycheck is a strategy that goes nowhere fast. Dont louse up your career track. If youre going to take a job for which you are overqualified, do it for genuine reasons. Well talk more about that next week. Judi, career guru for m, about LifeTips. Now one of the top on-line publishers in the world, lifeTips offers tips to millions of monthly visitors. Our mission mission is to make your life smarter, better, faster and wiser.

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overqualified resume

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Billy bob worked for you? Phil at Traveling Trees just interviewed him. Billy thesis bob never mentioned you guys! Aside from possibly coming back to haunt you, its inconsiderate. The company will be putting time into training you and making you part of their team.

What makes you think they want to go through the entire hiring and training process again just because its no longer a convenient place for you to park yourself for a few months? Ultimately, your relationship with your company is about trust. You trust them to provide you with the tools and environment to do a job on their behalf and to pay you for it - and they trust you to represent them honestly and to do the job to the best of your ability. If youre only marking time for a salary, thats a violation of their trust. And how good of a job will you be doing anyway if youre only hanging out until something better comes along?

Even if you are able to convince them to bring you on (and more on how to do that next week for when the desire is genuine youre just buying time until something more suitable comes along. Think long term, instead of just thinking about now. To get hired, youll have to convince the people why you want to work there, why you want to stay, and why you arent going to leave if something better comes along. Doing just that in the next 6 9 months isnt going to endear you to the company. So what kind of a reference do you think theyll give you? If your track record with your other employers is stable, one short hop isnt going to be too detrimental.

But combined with the reference information, a few long-term stays at high level positions and then a short one at a lower level doesnt give much support to whatever theory youre going to put forth at your next interview, does it? So by association, your decision making ability is suspect. But you could leave it off your resume, couldnt you? And just sort.fudge the dates on your other positions? But reference checks always cover date verification, so thats going to raise a question mark. And wasnt that short stint at a company thats in your industry of expertise? Youd be surprise who knows whom. Can you hear it now?

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When is it not so wise? Its not so wise when you are desperate. Its not so wise when you think the company ought to professional be glad lab to have you because of your expertise.but youd be glad just to have a job! Its one thing to do some waitressing for a while, or pick up some time in retail sales. These tend to be high turnover spots anyway, and the coming and going of people is somewhat expected. But if youve been a vp and are applying for a director spot, or a director and are applying for a manager or Associate position even if you do have a genuine reason for wanting to step into a smaller pair of shoes - your. If you dont see yourself in that job long term and all youre doing is buying time, do both yourself and the company a favor and dont even apply.

overqualified resume

Being an overqualified job seeker doesnt have to result in instant rejection. Research the summary roles youre applying to and how your experience can benefit the team as well as yourself. Employers look for a job candidate whos a good company fit and will be around for a while. By making it clear youre interested in the job and have more to learn from that particular role, youll make it clear that you are the best person for the job. Tip of the week, lets face it the economy has been lousy for a while, and its not showing signs of picking. Some people who have been laid off or downsized, as its now politically correct to call it are sending out resumes for anything and everything, including jobs for which theyre overqualified. When is this wise?

a résumé to the specifications of the role.  Highlight the qualifications and experiences that are most applicable to the role.  If an individual misrepresents themselves on their résumé, it can be extremely embarrassing or even lead to immediate disqualification if uncovered during interview or background checks. Address the issue, no matter how experienced a job seeker is, the key to convincing an employer that youre the right person for the job is making a clear business case for yourself and the company. After youve tailored your résumé to include key phrases and experience the description asks for, take the time in your cover letter and interview to address your overqualifications. Acknowledge your overwhelming credentials and how this position fits into your career path, as well as how the business can benefit from your experience. Also come prepared with ideas for how you can fit into the company culture and business values. An ideal job has responsibilities that play to your strengths and challenge you, so find duties in the description that you would like to get better at and communicate your approach to this position as a learning opportunity.

Although this may sound like a plus for employers, who can benefit from the extra skills and experience, overqualified applicants can be viewed as a flight risk. This situation is a problem for employers because there is a high probability that the person will leave the job as soon as a position at their historical level appears. In many situations, once the person becomes productive, they leave. Then the employer needs to refill the position. Job specifications and requirements are designed to fill professional positions with people who will be happy and challenged for the long term. Send the right message, the hiring manager has valid reason to be concerned about overqualified applicants, but job seekers are willing to settle if a job is needed immediately. How can you translate your experience to be interpreted book as hire-friendly without lying?

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Susan Ricker, careerBuilder, job-searching can feel like being a contortionist, trying to fit and shape yourself to exactly what the job description asks for. Often times you need to tweak your experience and skills to match their phrasing. But what if you find yourself easily meeting the jobs requirements or even surpassing them? While you may feel confident youre a sure pick for the role, hiring managers may deem you overqualified. Wheres the line between a perfect fit and overqualified? Learn how to understand if your qualifications will work for or against you, and why hiring managers care. The from problem for both job seekers and employers. A persons career tends to ascend with higher titles and more responsibility as time goes. An overqualified job seeker is someone who, because of salary, experience or education, is considering taking a step down in job or pay out of short-term convenience or personal necessity, says Jeff Zinser, principal.

overqualified resume
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