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favorite pastime essay

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Listed below are a few more decks, to give you some additional ideas: Insect and Spider Standard poker Playing Card Deck. Reptile and Amphibian Standard poker Playing Card Deck featuring Turtle, snake, lizard, Frog, Chameleon, and Gecko. Saltwater and Freshwater Fish double Bridge deck. Wild Animals Playing Cards. A day at The park Essay, research Paper. A day at the park, it was a day i was subconsciously waiting my whole life for, but I didn?

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I can't think of many horse-lovers who wouldn't like receiving this gift. Cats are a very popular image for playing cards, and so are butterflies. . SunsOut (a company more well-known for its jigsaw puzzles) manages to combine both themes delightfully in their Cats and Butterflies Playing Card Bridge deck. If there are cats, there must also be dogs. . The dogs of the world Playing Card Deck is handy, in that each card features a different breed. As the deck's manufacturer reminds us, "Thousands of years ago, a bond of loyalty, trust and affection was forged summary between Dogs and Humans, a bond stronger than every today. There are now over 300 different breeds world-wide, from the tiny Chihuahua to the powerful and heroic. Bernard, and, of course, everyone has their own favorite. This fascinating deck depicts most of the popular breeds, including working, utility and gun dogs, as well as dogs valued today purely for their beauty and companionship." The deck is printed in Belgium. There are hundreds of other playing card decks in the nature and wildlife category - if one were to attempt to collect them all, it would be a huge undertaking. . But one could make a fairly nice collection from a subcategory, such as Horses on Playing Cards.

Toefl ibt integrated Writing Template, before beginning a toefl ibt writing Task, youd Better read This! How to pass the toefl essay lab 10 Tips to Improve your toefl essays. Master the toefl test Writing Section With These top Tips! Steps to Writing a good Essay. Sample toefl essay (2 i-b-c: The essential formula for success with toefl (Part 1 the ibt writing tasks). There are numerous decks of playing cards that have, in one form or another, a nature or wildlife theme, especially if the category of "nature" is expanded to include pets, such as dogs and cats. One example is the mustang Playing Card Gift Set by American Expedition, shown at left. . The Playing Card Gift Set features an American Expedition wildlife deck and an "Explore and Discover" logo deck inside a hand-crafted wooden storage box. .

favorite pastime essay

My favorite pastime essay

The introduction is solid although I went back and inserted the word live into my thesis statement because i realized that I wrote about what it was like to watch live, not. I would also reverse the order of that last sentence and make it: it is still my favorite sport because it is a very strategic and complex game and because it is fun to watch live. So it follows the order of my essay paragraphs. Notice that in the two paragraphs where i talk about why it is my favorite sport I try to give a lot of reasons and link those to concrete details, like when the bases are loaded. So i hope this is useful for you. As usual Im happy to take questions and comments in the comments section. More like this: Sample toefl essay: favorite Sport, toefl ibt integrated Writing Template.

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favorite pastime essay

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Evaluation, the strongest point of this essay, and what I really want you to pay attention to, is the second paragraph where i describe the game. Notice that I try to hit the most important details, without getting too complicated. Good descriptions should strike a balance between giving someone the outline of something without overloading them with information. It is often a good idea to use shorter sentences and to repeat feminist the same word over and over. Notice how I repeat diamond so the reader can relate further details to my first description. Now many of my readers are foreigners, so hopefully you arent familiar with baseball.

Do an experiment: Close your eyes and try to imagine baseball from this description. Can you do it? If proposals you can, i wrote a good essay. If you cant, i suck! For Americans, read the second paragraph. Do you find yourself saying, yeah, thats about right? If not, i need to rewrite.

Every time the batter misses the ball, its one less chance for his team to score. In such a situation, the fans are holding their breath to see if the batter will hit or miss. Unlike other sports where the action is ongoing, in baseball you have a lot of time to anticipate what will happen and process what has happened and how it changes the strategy. A good play in football lasts 30 seconds. A good play in baseball can take 2 minutes to set up, happen and then be realized.

But even if you are a first time watcher, going to a baseball game will be the best day of your life. First of all, ballparks are often smaller than other sports fields so you are closer to the action. Second baseball fans are the most energetic in the world, screaming for their favorite players and insulting the other team. But you wont see hooligans at a ballpark. Fans are there to watch the game, not make trouble and baseball is the game of gentlemen still so fans try to be polite and considerate. In fact, its the only crowd in the world where you can ask, what just happened? And have a fan happily recap the action for you. So baseball is the greatest spectator sport in the world because there is a lot of strategy in this complicated game and because it is simply fun to watch, especially live.

Americas favorite past pastime

A pitcher, standing in the middle of the diamond, throws the ball. The batter should try to hit the ball and then run around the diamond. Meanwhile the pitchers team catches the ball and tries to touch the batter with. The game is a lot more complicated than that, with strikes and balls and fouls. For the first-time watcher, the game may seem far too complicated to understand. But it is also very exciting to watch. Every slogan move changes the whole game. For example if there are offer men standing on every base (the bases are loaded trying to go home, it is very important what happens with the batter and the pitcher. If the batter hits the ball very far, and gives every man a chance to run home, his team will score 4 points.

favorite pastime essay

happen. I dont play baseball very well but when it comes to watching sports, i am addicted to the ballpark. While the action is not as fast as in American football or hockey and the sport is not as popular worldwide as football, it is still my favorite sport because it is fun to watch live and because it is a very strategic and complex. Baseball is an unusual sport and the first thing you notice is that the field is different. On a baseball field, there are four bases or plates at each point of a diamond. The base at the bottom is called home base and the goal of the game is to run around the diamond, touch each base and return to home. This scores one point. In the game, a batter stands on home base with a bat.

The problem is that the toefl expects you to write an organized essay. That means an introduction, a conclusion and body paragraphs that have only one main idea each. That means choosing only the most important features of your sport. Most important, that means actually describing the sport. And telling in detail why you like. Underwriting, faced with this kind of simple question, some nashville students write something like: my favorite sport is is the most popular sport in the world. I like it because it is fun and interesting. They have no idea what else to add. But the toefl demands concrete examples, reasons and details.

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« go back published by markus Huber tags: toefl essay, toefl writing, (all tags) origin: Sample toefl essay: favorite Sport (fo). This is another Sample toefl essay. Check out my first one on writing a persuasive toefl essay here. Some students have issues with the description essay question. A description essay question looks like this: Describe your favorite sport. Include details and examples to explain why you enjoy this sport. Its a really resume simple question, which is probably what confuses students. There are two common mistakes that people make: Writing randomly all sorts of facts and opinions about their favorite sport.

favorite pastime essay
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In this speech I will explain to you a brief history of baseball and how it became are nations pastime and also a source of entertainment for many years. essay ml favorite - pastime - essay. One of the most challenging tasks college college students custom essay writing encounter is essay writing.

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  1. So lets look at an essay that hits the happy mean between writing too little and writing too much Sample. Essay, baseball is called Americas national pastime, and for good reason. Basketball is known as a good pastime in many peoples eyes but can also be seen as a passion for many others.

  2. Baseball is called Americas national pastime, and for good reason. Pastime,"s from Brain", an extensive collection of"tions by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers. Our favorite pastime is trying to take pictures of our hometowns from space.

  3. Swing batter swing, the young boy yelled. i love to say that at a baseball game. the young boy continued to enjoy the game that we know as America. Sample toefl, essay : favorite, sport.

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