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drosophila lab report

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No downloads, no notes for slide. Jessica Olivares 11/22/2014, bio 3103, fly lab report, fruit Fly. Report, hypothesis, in setting up the fruit fly experiment the predicted mutant phenotypes were to be compared in the observed F1 generation and F2 generation. In order to make the appropriate phenotypic ratios we based the F1 and F2 to generate two mutants that were used to set up the parental cross. In the observed F1 generation the white eye mutant was located on the male drosophila melanogaster. The following white eye mutation could be set up by the following white type white eye female and a combination of wild type male with vestigial wings.

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There is no guarantee, due to randomness of the system, that there will be a ratio that will ever exactly mimic real life scenarios parks in nature. In both experiments the Chi-Square figure showed that both null hypotheses were rejected. These numbers were not comparably close to those needed to have had an accepted null hypothesis. The fertility of these fruit flies, the frequency of mating, the genes that were involved with crossing over, and the chromosomes that were passed on to the next generation(s) were all due to random assortment and therefore it could only be just a possibility that. Mutations can also influence such ratios with traits that were not accounted for in the past and are consequently passed on to future generations. Retrieved October 5, 2012 from:. The Fly people make history. The genes we share. Fruit elegant Fly genetics lab report, successfully reported this slideshow. Fruit Fly genetics lab report, upcoming SlideShare. Loading in 5, be the first to like this.

Sex-Linked Cross: The P1 genotype and phenotypes consisted of: XwXw white-eyed females and Xwy red-eye males. Six of each was crossed and the F1 generation was shown to have consisted of: XwXw red-eye females and XwY white-eye males. The expected ratio was 1:1 red to white. With business a total count of 357 fruit flies, the observed number of red-eye females was 220 while the observed number of white-eye males was 137 which did not fit the expected ratio. The Chi-Square for our group was found to.3 which was too high to be accepted, thus the null hypothesis was found to be rejected. The Chi-Square of the class was found to.0 and once again too high to be accepted, thus the null hypothesis was rejected. Conclusion, the results of both of these experiments were similar in terms of the acceptance or rejecting of the null hypothesis. The expected probability ratios were theoretically supposed to have closely mimicked the experimental results; however probability is just that, probable.

drosophila lab report

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Monohybrid Cross: The total observed numbers counted was 358 with 333 (93) of them having the red-eye phenotype and a genotype(s) of homozygous really rr and/or heterozygous. The remaining fruit 25 (7) were of the sepia-eye colored phenotype with a definite genotype of homozygous. The expected ratio of the null hypothesis was 3:1 (75) red-eye colored and 1:3 (25) sepia-eye colored or expected numbers of 268.5 (red) and.5 (sepia). P1 eye genotype the Chi-Square calculations were figured by taking the standard Chi-Square computations as shown in Table. The Chi-Square number for our experiment was.0. This number was significant in comparison to what would have been needed for the null hypothesis to have been accepted, thus enabling the conclusion of a rejected hypothesis. The class as a whole also calculated the Chi-Square by adding up all the observed numbers and expected numbers to form a class total. This figure was significantly larger at a chi-Square of 206.7, also leading to a rejected null hypothesis.

Adult flies of the F1 generation were visible after a week. These adult flies were anesthetized and the phenotypes (sex and eye color) were observed and recorded. A chi-Square statistical analysis was calculated to determine if the null hypothesis of 1:1 for fly sex and eye color would be accepted or rejected. This data was combined with data from the entire class to increase the sample population and a second Chi-Square was calculated. Results, the P1 Generation for the monohybrid cross consisted of six homozygous red-eye (RR) fruit flies of one sex and six homozygous sepia (rr) fruitĀ flies of the other sex. As shown in Table 1 the F1 pairing consisted of being all heterozygous for the wild-type red-eye (Rr) in coloration. The F2 generation is also presented showing an unexpected ratio and the Chi-square is calculated in Table. The P1 generation of the sex-linked inheritance started with white-eyed females and red-eyed males and the results in the F1 progeny are presented in Table 3 while the Chi-square is illustrated in Table.

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drosophila lab report

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Be sure to writing follow your institutions guiding procedures for Lab Report Writing so that it can be up to be up to standard. 11, 2012 a new culture bottle with fresh media and yeast was prepared and labeled. Six male flies and six female flies from the F1 generation were added to the new culture bottle. Once larvae and pupae became visible the adult F1 generation fruit flies were removed from the culture leaving behind the F2 generation offspring. Seven to ten days later the offspring had developed into adult flies. The F2 generation was anesthetized and then separated and counted based on eye phenotype which was either red or doing sepia. The numbers observed were used to calculate a chi-Square statistical analysis which was used to determine whether or not the null hypothesis of a 3:1 ratio for the F2 generation was accepted.

This data was combined with data from the entire class to increase the sample population and to calculate another Chi-Square. Sex-linked Cross: A culture bottle with, drosophila media and yeast was prepared and labeled. Melanogaster wild-type male flies and six white-eyed female flies were transferred into the bottle. Seven to ten days later numerous larvae and some pupae became visible inside the bottle. At this time the P1 generation flies were removed from the bottle leaving only the F1 generation progeny as to avoid intergenerational mating.

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Biology is one of the main subjects that a scholar will be expected to tackle at a high school level, or even when at the university level where one decides to pursue biology related courses. Words for like drosophila melanogaster among others terminologies which refers to various species, are phrases that you will come across now and then in the course of study. You are thus supposed to accustom yourself with such terms; understand their origin so that in case you are told to give a clear elaboration of such you can at ease. Basically, drosophila melanogaster is a fruit fly organism that feeds on spoilt foods. As a biology student, it will be mandatory for you to carry biology experiment so as to establish legit and valid result and then draft a lab report explaining these results. Many scholars especially those who lack skills and expertise in writing lab report, should look for help from qualified persons to assist. Do you find it hard to compile a quality fruit fly genetics report discussing culture, sex, life cycle and even productivity of a drosophila? Relax; we are a team of qualified professionals who deliver expert assistance to do lab reports at any academic level.

drosophila lab report

Get in touch with us today! We provide services Aimed at your Success. Remarkable Fruit Fly genetics Report Writing Help Drosophila melanogaster Lab Report Help takes into account the early importance of establishing a parent population with distinct phenotypic characteristics that serve as a comparison with the phenotypes of the offspring. Our Fruit Fly genetics Lab Report at m is well versed with the interpretations of the results from fruit fly mating and as a result are able to determine the type of inheritance that is exhibited. The study of genetics by use of Drosophila also exposes a student to various statistical methods such as use if the Chi-square analysis to determine the phenotypic ratios and their relationship as well as providing a simple tool for showing the proportion of offspring with. Our Drosophila melanogaster Lab Report Help writers are conversant with these methods of statistical data analysis and will provide assistance with this. Fruit Fly genetics Lab Report is the site for all your genetics report assistance needs.

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Drosophila melanogaster or rather fruit fly genetics is mentioned, you get a shiver down the spine thinking that what the professors ask you to write down is quite challenging but the truth is that we can professionally assist you. They are both quite related, given that they are both found in the field of genetics. Although you may feel I need help to write my fruit fly genetics report, and/or structure a good drosophila melanogaster lab report for me, you can trust us to provide the best writing services to you. As a reliable help provider whose priority is to offer the best writing services to clients, you can be sure that your custom paper shall be in perfect hands. Top mark fruit fly genetics, report, writing assistance. Are you looking for a professional firm resume where you can get help with writing. Drosophila, melanogaster, lab, report? At, custom Writing bay, we ensure that we deliver high-quality. Custom Writing services that are aimed at your success in academics.

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Drosophila melanogaster has been extensively studied in the field of genetics. Fruit fly genetics lab repor t has identified the major reasons for fruit flies writing use in genetics reports as their ease in being cultured in the laboratory. At Custom writing bay, our. Drosophila, melanogaster, lab, report, help writers are aware that, drosophila, melanogaster has a complete metamorphosis life cycle with an egg, three larval instars, pupa, and adult. If their cultures are maintained at 21oc, it takes two weeks for their development from an egg to an adult. Drosophila, melanogaster, lab, report, help writers are a group of skilled professional writers ready to assist you with your genetics laboratory experiment laboratory reports. Fruit Fly genetics, lab, report professionals extensive research has found that the use of fruit flies facilitates the determination of the kind of inheritance patterns being displayed by genes. The major inheritance patterns characterized by breeding of fruit flies are monohybrid, dihybrid as well as sex-linked ybe when the name.

drosophila lab report
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  3. Fly culturing because such a description is not necessary for this lab report ). A, drosophila melanogaster life cycle diagram.

  4. Abstract This lab involved a monohybrid reciprocal cross and a sex-linked cross utilizing. Drosophila melanogaster fruit flies. Fruit fly write up!

  5. (Practical 1) An experiment. Drosophila has four pairs. Fruit Fly genetics lab report. Methods For lab one the, drosophila melanogaster species was introduced by indicating the 3 principles of Mendel.

  6. Documents Similar to report drosophila. Carousel previous carousel next. This page illustrates the format of the lab report that is expected of the students in my section.

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