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Or cities with a predominantlybusinessculture bring in the best opera, ballet and rock actsto morph into cultural centres. Great cities haveaspace for counter culture. Whether it s haight- Ashbury in San Francisco, he riseof the Asian Underground from England s inner cities, graffiti in the subways ofNew York or a melting place for thealternative arts scene in n ewtown, sydney, counter-culture is the second hea rt of a city. Mostof the cities mentioned above hardly qualify as great cities or future cities, et aloneideal cities, but they containelements that, if put togetherwith the imagina-tion can aspire to greatness. Do our cities qualify any-where near being great cities? And if they don t, where do they fall short?

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State to givecwg winnerscash prizes Yogesh naik tnn rs 10l for gold zens, n eve r puthng one group overanother. Promenades, play grounds, parks that areopen to all. Museums, art galleries, architecture, open to all. Thought and care are given to the par-ticular needs of their people. Beach sports for waterbound cities. I ve just returned from rio. You have to see thebeachsport culture there to believe. Mountain trails and hikes for hilly cities. Los Angeles is a stunning health eap, safe publictransport in con- gested cities. Great cities understandthat times change, prioritieschange, demographic compositions tice how citieswith a predominantly elderlypopula- tion create bars, restaura nts and enter-tainment districts toattract the young.

According to assistantcommissioner of police(Trombay division) JalinderKhandagale, disha was keptcaptive in a rented housewhile Shaikh kept asking hermother to marry e cops instructed Jha tokeep Shaikh on the phone sothat they could track himdown. On October 3, Jha toldShaikh that she was ready tomarry him and asked for hisaddress. Shaikh promised herthat he would let Disha go af-ter they got married. A policeteam followed Jha to Shaikhshouse, where we arrested himand freed the child, said rcfsenior inspector ShirishShelke aikh has been bookedunder Section 363 (kidnap-ping) of the ipc. He has beenremanded in judicial custodytill October. Man kidnaps18-month-oldgirl to marryher mother vnarayan tnn mumbai: The state govern-ment has announced that ath-letes who represent Maha-rashtra and win medals at theCommonwealth Games willreceive cash prizes. A press note issued by thechief minister's office statedthat those winning gold, silverand bronze at the games willget cash awards of Rs 10 lakh,.5 lakh and Rs 5 lakh re-spectively. On the second day of theGames, rahi sarnobat of Kol-hapur and Anisa sayyed of Pune won gold medals inshooting, while tejaswiniSawant and Lajja goswami of Kolhapur brought home sil-ver medals for e cm also announcedthat all Indian medal winnerswould get two free tickets forthe luxury train writing Deccan. Officials said that thismove would help the state pro-mote the train on an interna-tional arena.

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Somemeasures include a 35-kmphspeed when enteringplatforms, 10 kmph whenentering dead-end platformsand 8 kmph when leaving orentering a yard sept 26 Senior driver of Virar-Dahanu shuttle hits adead-end buffer at Virarand is suspended sept 27 wr motormengo on work-to-rule, following safety speeds tothe letter. They refuse toquicken speed even afteraccidents or technicalsnags, when trains areusually run faster to catchup to schedules oct 2 wr andmotormen sort out issues, but motormens decision onwork-to-rule to be taken onOct 4 essay after meetingdivisional railway manager oct 4 Motormen announcethat meeting with drm waspositive. They can follow 'safe'speeds for dead-end platforms, but no speed is specified oct 5 A train arrives atChurchgate 30 minutes lateand with some fans notworking. Commutersprotest, but the mob-likesituation is defused october heat the point is toprovide quick t trains are oftenlate. In a city wheretime is money this iscriminal. Whyshould we sufferevery time?— puja pednekar mastudent, khar illustration: Mahesh Benkar Fracas at Churchgateafter train arrives late mumbai: The rcf police onTuesday arrested a 30-year-old man who allegedly kid-napped an 18-month-old girlfrom outside her house inChembur on September hraf Shaikh resided lab inthe same locality. He said he fell in lovewith Jha and decided to kid-nap her daughter Disha whenJha refused to marry aikh abducted Dishaand took a train to kanpur. Hecalled Jha and told her to meethim at Kanpur railway sta-tion if she wanted her childback.

Earlier we had astrike when the city came to ahalt. How can we justify thisin a city like mumbai whoselifeline is the railways? Asked Rohit Sharma, an en-trepreneur from Bandra. WR trains were delayed by25 minutes through o trains were cancelleddue to a signal failure while 60trains were delayed for vari-ous reasons. The commotionat the platform did not affectservices, said chief pro, wr, sharat Chandrayan. Roana maria costa, tNN. Commuters caught Again In Unrest Between Motormen, Rly Officials jun 8 wr officials sendcircular saying that aninspection has revealed thatsafety measures are notbeing adhered.

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A police inspector toldtoi, one commuter, patil, was very aggressive and wasinstigating short the crowd. He wastaken aside by police so thatthe situation would not getout of control. He added thatif a person is aggravating a sit-uation the cops can use suffi-cient force. If you call itmanhandling, its not prop-er, he said. A motorman said Patilwas taken to the motormenslobby on the mezzanine the lobby, the commuterwas abusing and there waspushing and shoving, themotorman said.

When Patil emerged fromthe lobby five to 10 minuteslater, eyewitnesses said hecomplained that he had beenmanhandled. His shirt wastorn and buttons were bro-ken. The commotion lastedabout 12 minutes. The inspec-tor then told Patil that if hewished he could file a policecomplaint. Patil and somecommuters professional went towards thegrp police station at Church-gate. But on the way the rest of the commuters were slowlydispersing until Patil wasalone. When i enquired later, no complaint was regis-tered, said the e inspector said that a fewmotormen had said theywould file a counter-com-plaint, which was why patilmay have not e fight between themotormen and railways is notending and commuters aresuffering.

A second-time of-fender has to pay rs 750 andthe licence is suspended for15 days. When pulled up thethird time, the fine is Rs 1,500with a 30-day suspension. Nearly 5,000 complaintsagainst drivers in a mth. Nitasha natu, tnn, increasing refusals, driving licences suspended, year. Taxis6875521,4951,596 1,829, autos1,0226371,3102,597 3,189, cases recorded for refusal to ply. Yearincidentsfines collected 2009 11,661Rs.* 17,238Rs.87 lakh up to sept 30 mumbai: Commuters areagain caught between rail-way officials and motormen, this time over safety ter a week of Western rail-way trains running slow, thesituation reached a flash-point on tuesday when frus-trated commuters confronteda motorman.

Amob-like situation was even-tually defused, but not beforea ruckus. The October heatcontributed to the row withcommuters irate about somefans not working on a around.10 am, a trainthat had originated in Virarreached Churchgate about 30minutes late. It pulled intoChurchgate at the painfullyslow speed of 10 to 15 kmph, in-stead of the usual 35 to 40kmph. The motorman was fol-lowing the wr motormensAssociations orders to obeyall safety rules, especiallysince a virar-Dahanu driverhad recently been suspendedfor hitting a dead-end buffer. When the train finally cameto a halt at Churchgate, com-muters proceeded to the mo-tormens cabin and yelled andabused e commuters gheraoedthe motorman and demandedwhy trains were going so slowand fans were not working. Government railway police(GRP) said that the motormentold the commuters that hewas obeying the new safetyspeed issued by wr for enter-ing a platform with a dead-end buffer. He also said thefans were not his responsibil-ity. In the ensuing argument, more abuses were anwhile, police, com-muters and motormen gath-ered.

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Tnn, you (taxi drivers)dont come to shortdistance. So manytimes we dont gettaxis. There is somuch congestion, you cant move inthe city. High court Bench, nightmare ride: Getting a taxi to ply short distances is a near-impossible task, say many mumbaikars. Mumbai: An audit by thetraffic police has revealedthat in August alone, 4,744complaints were paperwork recordedagainst autos and taxi dri-vers—the highest so far in2010. More than 1,400 licenc-es were suspended in Sep-tember. While traffic offi-cials say that the strict actiontaken by them has made a no-ticeable difference—theyclaim that complaints havedropped—commuting is stillan ordeal for a majority of mplaints made onour website range from tam-pering of meters to chargingexcess fare, ill-treatment andarrogant behaviour to refus-al to ply short distances. An auto or taxi driv-er caught for the first time isfined Rs 500; his licence issuspended for 10 days. Therto is stricter with repeatoffenders.

The judges were referring to theordeal faced by commuterswho depend on taxis to takethem to their workplaces insouth Mumbai from eitherChurchgate or e pil, filed in June, highlights the fact that thereare only 29,000 black-and-yel-low taxis running in the e union government hadin 1997 permitted 55,000. The petitioners saidthe government is chargingexorbitant rates for issuingof new permits, and are seek-ing a directive to restrain theauthorities from implement-ing the scheme. The govern-ment has issued 4,000 lapsedpermits to fleet cabs, a movethat has not gone down wellwith many titioners advocateAshok saraogi told the courtthat because of the govern-ments decision to renew theold permits and also allowthe introduction of luxuri-ous fleet cabs, ordinary taxidrivers in the city. Defending the statesdecision to issue licences tofleet taxis, the affidavit says:Fleet taxis will operatethrough call centres and willnot ply railway from stands allottedto the black-and-yellows tax-is. Issuing 4,000 dormant per-mits to these taxis will nothamper the bread and butterof existing black- and-yellowtaxi e matter now will beheard on October. Hailing cabs ordealeven for hc judges. Bench Disapproves Of Constant Refusals, file pic, hetal vyas.

facebook, roana maria costa, tNN. Wr admin mayfollow suit, w estern railway officialsalso plan to open afacebook account of theirown soon. We areconsidering the is would be a goodmedium to get our ownfeedback from thecommuters, said chief pro, wr, sharat Chandrayan. Tnn, mumbai: even High court judges have been at the re-ceiving end of taxi driversboorishness. Taxi driverswho were hoping for a sym-pathetic ear from the bom-bay hc on tuesday were in-stead given an earful as the judges expressed their dis-pleasure over their constantrefusals to ply short distanc-es. Hearing a pil filed by theMumbai taxi Chalak-ma-lak—a registered union of Taxi owners and drivers— against the state govern-ments new policy of renew-ing the permits of taxis—a di-vision bench of JusticeRanjana desai and Justice rvmore on tuesday re-marked: you taxi driversdont come to short many times. There is so much traf-fic congestion, you cantmove in the mmuting has becomeanightmare as most taxis re-fuse to ferry passengers overshort distances, a problemthat has been exacerbated af-ter the recent fare hike.

I 6, mumbai: The western rail-way motormen are on Face-book. The account wasopened on Sunday and themotormen are using it to com-municate with each otherabout their negotiations withthe management as also in-teract with the e leaders of the associ-ation (motormens union)had a meeting today with thedrm (divisional railwaymanager mumbai centraland they have been assuredabout. Thispost was uploaded on Mondayevening minutes after talksbetween the motormen andthe administration. Earlier posts on the ac-count, opened under Motor-mensassociation Wrly, talkof how literature the motormen workday and night serving com-muters and how they wantcommuters to understandthat if the motormen dont fol-low safety rules, includingslower speeds, they risk los-ing their jobs. A source said the motor-men think that the facebookpage is a great way of commu-nicating with colleagues andletting each other know of thelatest on speeches, agitationsand other happenings. Manymotormen have mobiles thatcan connect to the net. He alsotold toi that around threemotormen would administerthe facebook is is also a trial to getin touch with commuters andtake feedback and suggesti-ons from the public, he e account would also helpeducate and clear may this year, whenboth Central railway and WRmotormen agitated andbrought the.

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Pros and cons of gm foods essay ycmou term paper pros and cons of gm foods essay essay on importance of time for short students essay help u of t small essay about friendship term paper vs report english essay person i admire research paper introduction. Search involved, are your owner? Keyword count by positions, updown monitoring. Best keywords in 10-50 positions ywordResultsLast check Thousand, feb 1st, 2018. Sponsored Links, you are here : Latest daily epapers, popular daily epapers, search For Newspaper. Give us a like. Timescity *the times of india, mumbaiwednesday, october6, 2010. State is trying to get sachin tendulkarto market its forts and beaches. I 11, buses back on the roads after bestcomplies with drivers demands.

assignment abroad times mumbai in epapers
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The memorandum of understanding was signed at Mumbai in presence of Chief Minister devendra fadnavis. Perhaps it is time to rope in non-traditional.

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  2. Labels: epapercatalog, government, hydrocarbons, model, times of india epaper.essay uk assignment abroad times mumbai weekly kindergarten homework writing internet good essay essay writing health care persuasive essay juvenile. Description: This is the. Times of India, epaper, mumbai, edition dated summit in, mumbai on november 6 and pay homage to 26/11 victims before.

  3. Education career Consultant in, mumbai, karan Gupta consulting. Spending time studying abroad will be a life-changing experience for you. A 25-year-old woman in, mumbai has been fined by the police for allegedly.

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